ICE Malta Business Training Unit

An ICT timetable designed for companies in the Maltese islands

ICE Malta’s corporate division has launched Malta’s first day timetable designed exclusively for local and international companies based in the Maltese islands. ‘The local industry continues to show great interest in corporate training and investing in Malta’s greatest resource, people. The full time corporate timetable we have designed has been created based on the feedback…


cisco final results

ICE Malta students achieve highest academic Cisco results

Just days before the start of the February 2014 Semester, the ICE Malta management team has announced that the institute’s students have achieved the highest academic Cisco results in the Maltese islands. ‘The results speak for themselves – the margins are notable. Together with our educators we have focused tremendously on our Cisco study paths…



Venue for Malta’s Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp revealed.

Following the successful launch of ICE Malta’s new educational partners in the Maltese islands, The Digital Marketing Institute, the ICE Malta team is confirming enrolments for the island’s first Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp scheduled between the 17th and 21st of March 2014. ‘We would like to thank prospective students who have enroled for the…



ICE Malta founders announce first milestones for 2014

ICE Malta directors, educational partners, prospective students and friends, celebrated two milestones earlier on this afternoon at ICE Malta during a press event in collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute and the Ministry for Education & Employment. ‘It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome you to our first press event for 2014. Today…


Are you a budding entrepreneur? Your chance to go fact finding in Europe!

Almost a year after being titled Malta’s Innovative Entrepreneurs 2013, the ICE Malta founders are excited to share a wonderful initiative launched by Malta Enterprise entitled ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ ‘One of our biggest advantages is that while we can share past experiences with other budding entrepreneurs we can also talk about what we, as…


digital marketing

Want to achieve a Diploma in Digital Marketing? Here’s your first step.

During the last weeks, the world’s Digital Marketing Institute has confirmed that leading Maltese ICT institute, ICE Malta has been selected as exclusive educational partners and will be including these worldwide recognised EQF Level 5 Rated Certifications as part of their Full-Time and Part-Time timetables during the 2014/2015 Academic Year. The Diploma in Digital Marketing…


design my career week 2014.fw

Design my Career week 2014 – dates revealed!

ICE Malta together with educational partners Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, Cisco, LPI & The Digital Marketing Institute have launched dates for this semester’s edition of Design my Career week starting on Monday 3rd February 2013 at 6.30pm. ‘We introduced Design my Career week last semester and we were thrilled with the feedback we received from prospective…



We’re rewarding loyalty. Be one of Malta’s first 30.

ICE Malta has revealed that the institute has been selected to be the exclusive local partners of the world’s Digital Marketing Institute.The institute will be launching this new addition to their portfolio of educational partners, a bit different than what you’d typically expect. This time round, ICE Malta is rewarding loyalty. Here’s how it works.…


ice malta linked in – Feb 2014

The February 2014 Semester now launched

The Institute of Computer Education, Malta (ICE Malta) has launched the institute’s first semester timetable for 2014 which includes worldwide recognized certifications by the institute’s educational partners including Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Microsoft and the latest educational partner LPI. Linux Professional Institute’s Regional Enablement Initiative’ focuses on identifying the best partner organisations and educational institutes in regions around the…



Subsidy Scheme for Gozo students who enrol for the February semester

The ICE Malta Admissions team receive a number of requests from Gozitan students who are eager to start their study path at ICE Malta and achieve a worldwide recognised certification by one of ICE Malta’s educational partners including Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Microsoft, LPI amongst other prestigious brands. ICE Malta are pleased to share news that…