The main priority of our Institute is to offer the best service to our students. Our students can choose between the following training methods, depending on there requirements.

Class-Based Training

If you’re like most trainees, a live computer training class is the preferred choice for learning. Not only can you interact with your peers and ask questions in a live environment, the structure and training schedule allow you to acquire new knowledge and skills in a predetermined amount of time. The courses listed on our website in the Courses section are delivered in a classroom environment. For further information, please follow this link.

Individual Training

Some people are so short of time, or have such pressing needs, that no group course is suitable. Others simply prefer the opportunity to concentrate on their own priority areas, without having to follow the needs of others in a group. If this is the case, please follow this link for more information.

Contact us now and see how we may help you with your individual training needs.

Corporate Training

At The Institute of Computer Education, we deliver tailored and comprehensive ICT training which focuses not only on your company’s objectives but also on your staff’s needs. We are dedicated to producing quality courses which lead to positive goal-orientated results. For further information, please follow this link.

If you are not sure which method best suits you, please contact us. We look forward to supporting you with the best IT Training solution.