Welcome to Malta’s national creative & code talent search. 

NOW is the time to share your creativity, drive and ambition – time to truly push yourself to the max. This could be the competition which determines your next couple of decades so it’s worth a shot & it all begins here.

Intrigued? Here’s more.

If you had to be given the chance to be mentored by some of the world’s most powerful creative leaders, if you were given all the tips, tricks and industry secrets by genius educators, if your work could be your passion and your passion be your work?      Would you excel in an unimaginable way? First things first, answer these questions.

  1. Have you secretly always wanted of a career in the game industry but are not really sure where to begin?
  2. Are you fascinated by design, movies, and art? Does everything & anyone inspire you?
  3. Are you a dreamer?
  4. Are you master of code and is it all just a very complex yet ‘oh so fun’ game to you?

Answered yes to any of the above? Then you could be Malta’s nextcreativ.es.

Game plan, rules and prizes for the second edition of The Creative Student Showcase will be launched soon. In the meanwhile you can register to be the first to learn more about Malta’s national creative & code competition HERE