MeDirect teams up with ICE Malta to give 25 ambitious innovators aged 15-18 a taste of industry life.

ICE Malta is proud to announce the return of its highly anticipated Summer Discovery Design & Code Courses, with MeDirect, the homegrown digital bank, being this year’s brand partner. ICE MALTA ✕ MEDIRECT MeDirect teams up with ICE Malta to give 25 ambitious innovators aged 15-18 a taste of industry life. Related Courses* CodeDesign Summer Discovery…
  • The tutor is exceptional. She presented the lectures with clarity & precision. With her expertise, she transformed complex concepts into digestible insights, making the learning experience both enriching & enjoyable.
    Glenn, Professional Diploma in UX Design, April 2024
  • The project-based learning experience helped me to better visualize & implement the skills attained in web applications. The provided material gives you a solid platform on which to build on.
    Ryan, MySuccess Website Developer, March 2024
  • The educator had a lot of examples to provide from the experience he had working with local companies. He was always well prepared, & made the lesson fun & easy to understand - even for someone that never had any experience in digital marketing.
    Shanon, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, January 2024
  • The educator is really knowledgeable & his explanations are extremely clear. He was always ready with detailed explanations for any question. Also, the fact that the educator is super friendly made the whole learning vibe awesome.
    Etienne, Python Foundations, January 2024
  • As someone who struggled a lot in school, I absolutely loved learning with ICE Malta. The educator is super nice & makes the material really interesting. His captivating delivery keeps you focused & the lesson fun.
    Jamie, Python Foundations, January 2024
  • The course met my expectations, content was up-to-date, & the educator was well-informed & knew how to explain or answer any queries that cropped up. It had the ideal blend of theory & practice too. Would highly recommend the course.
    Luca, Graphic Designer Associate, January 2024
  • ICE Malta provides an excellent learning environment with knowledgeable instructors who are well-versed in the subject matter. The program efficiently guides you from beginner to proficient in a brief period.
    Pippa, Graphic Designer Associate, December 2023
  • The course met my expectations in every aspect. The content was relevant, up-to-date, and delivered in a very clear and professional way. The educator was great and very helpful during the whole time. Would definitely recommend this to others.
    Audrey, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, December 2023
  • Perfect blend of theory and practice in a fun, informal, and informative manner.
    Andrea, Python Foundations, November 2023
  • I worked in the financial sector for 8 years but I wanted a new challenge & something that I really like. Now I'm a Marketing Executive where I can give my utmost & share my passion. The Diploma in Digital Marketing certainly helped.
    Ruben, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, November 2023
  • Very satisfied! The educator was able to provide all the knowledge & interaction needed for a great lesson.
    Richard, ITIL 4, November 2023
  • The course educators are always ready to give you individual help, even out of lesson hours. A great experience!
    Axl, Cisco CCNA Course, November 2023
  • This course might just be the key to unlocking exciting new opportunities within the industry. Highly recommended for those seeking fresh insights & prospects!
    Dylan, Professional Diploma in UX Design, October 2023
  • I couldn't have chosen a better way to enter the digital marketing world! With almost zero previous knowledge, I was still able to apply everything that I learned. Edward was absolutely fantastic!
    Claudio, Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, October 2023
  • I started the course because I felt trapped in a job that wasn't giving me much, & I wanted to explore my creativity further. This course is the perfect step towards that.
    Mariella, MySuccess Graphic Designer, October 2023
  • This what not the first course I attended at ICE Malta, & I keep coming back because the lesson content & delivery are always of high quality. I will surely be back again in the future.
    Luke, MySuccess Website Designer, March 2023
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