Institute of Computer Education Ltd. (“ICE Malta”) Easy Payment Scheme (“EPS”) gives prospective students the opportunity to schedule monthly interest free tuition fees giving them ease, flexibility and peace of mind to continue to invest in their studies and pay tuition at their preferred pace.

By filling in and submitting the EPS online form located at, you (the “Student”) will be authorising ICE Malta to withdraw payments from your Credit Card and agreeing to the following EPS terms and conditions:

  1. The granting of credit facilities is discretionary and may be withdrawn uni-literary by ICE Malta.
  2. In the case of late payments, the Student shall be deemed to have forfeited the benefit of time allowed to him/her by this agreement and ICE Malta shall have full rights to insist on immediate payment of the full balance due. ICE Malta may take measures as it deems fit to recover payment without the requirement of giving prior notice to the Student. In the event that following such measures, the Student resumes payment of the outstanding amounts, he/she agrees to reimburse ICE Malta any additional legal and judicial expenses incurred in the proceedings for the recovery of the balance due. The Student agrees that whether or not she/he completes the course, payment must be done in full.
  3. Ownership of and title to the service sold shall vest in the Student only when the consideration mentioned in this agreement, including any further interest due for late payment, as well as any other charges or legal fees have been paid in full. No interest will apply on the credit given during the period stipulated. ICE Malta will charge a non-refundable administration fee of €80 once the application is approved. Any late payments may also be subject to interest charges as per the Late Payment in Commercial Transactions Act. EU Law Directive 2000/35/EC.
  4. The Student understands that he/she may choose to make payments that exceed the agreed monthly installments at any time. The Student also acknowledges that this shall not give the right to default on any of the remaining minimum monthly payment, in terms of the payment schedule specified in this agreement.
  5. The Personal Data of the Student or any other signatory of this agreement are held by ICE Malta for account and order administration, internal marketing, to facilitate better communications, for security and for purposes relating to creditworthiness. In the event of non-payment, information may be disclosed to third party credit agencies, banks and lawyers. Furthermore, the company shall pass on any information pertaining to this default to Creditinfo Malta Limited, a Credit Reference Agency, for registration in its Defaulting Debtors Database.
  6. In order to access information found at ICE Malta or its credit agencies, the Student may write to Institute of Computer Education Ltd (ICE Malta), Central Business Centre, Level 2 Suite 2, Mdina Road, Zebbug, Malta.
  7. The Student is held responsible to inform ICE Malta in case of any changes in his/her personal details such as address and contact number(s).
  8. By accepting this online form, the Student is accepting that ICE Malta may utilise the email address to send him/her ICE Malta’s latest offers.
  9. The Student hereby confirms that he/she has carefully read and fully understood the purpose, intent and effect of this agreement.

The Student therefore authorises ICE Malta to withdraw payments as per schedule forwarded by ICE Malta.