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We talk about our study experience like it's something out of the ordinary & rare. It is.

  • Small Classroom Philosophy

    You'll never feel like you're a number when you're an ICE Malta student. Thanks to the small classroom philosophy our educators know each and every student as well as their dreams and career aspirations. They'll make sure you're on the right track.

    Small Classroom Philosophy
  • Use of The Latest Technology

    We're the school with the most advanced technology incorporated in every class be it Creative, Code, Technical or Productivity. Our distraction free environment and continuous investment in technology will make ICE Malta classes your favourite time of the day.

    Use of The Latest Technology
  • Industry Practitioners

    Our educators are industry practitioners, accredited educators who will mentor you, inspire you and push you to achieve success - they all share a commonality: our students' success. You'll admire them and aspire to be like them. They'll challenge you and help you develop into a first class student.

    Industry Practitioners
  • Local and International Competitions

    ICE Malta students participate in local and international competitions, and win. They compete against thousands of students, work hard, take initiative, think uniquely and position themselves as true star candidates.

    Local and International Competitions
  • Online Student Area

    Notes, presentations, suggested reading & the opportunity to discuss concepts and ideas with fellow students and ICE Malta Educators - an online student area which connects educators and students out of the classroom. You never stop being an ICE Malta student.

    Online Student Area
  • Worldwide Recognised Certifications

    ICE Malta gives talent the opportunity achieve worldwide recognised certifications designed by educational giants for the industry. Certificates your CV needs to place yourself at the top of the list for any career opportunity.

    Worldwide Recognised Certifications
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