Glad to see you were intrigued by our Vodafone message – it shows that you’re creative, savvy and curious – the type of student we’d love to have at our institute. You’re still in time to join us for the October 2013 Semester so have a look at out timetable including CISCO, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk courses HERE and give yourself the edge. 

Heard of MySuccess? You get to study the subjects you love and benefit from 80% of your course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme. Learn more HERE. Ask our Admissions team for more details! Hey and if now isn’t the right time, we’ll we’re here when you’re ready! 

In the meanwhile, here’s the answer to our brain teaser in collaboration with Vodafone. 

Question: The day before yesterday Jim was 7years old. Next year he’ll turn 10. How is this possible? 

Answer: Jim’s birthday is 31st December – he turned 8. Today is January 1st – he’ll turn 9 this year, 10 next year!  

 We look forward to welcoming you at ICE Malta soon!