Tailored digital marketing bootcamps for Alliance Real Estate.
ICE Malta announces new collaboration with Alliance Group.
ICE MALTA ✕ ALLIANCE Tailored digital marketing bootcamps for Alliance Real Estate.🤜🤛 ICE Malta announces new collaboration with Alliance Group.
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ICE Malta is proud to announce that it is collaborating with Alliance Real Estate Group to launch a custom training programme for over 200 Alliance team members. The digital marketing bootcamps are specifically designed to help the real estate organisation upskill its team.
As a tech education institution, ICE Malta regularly works with a variety of entities to offer custom-made corporate training, and this year-long project with Alliance will see ICE Malta joining forces with the local real estate market to harness the power of digital for driving business growth and giving clients a better digital experience.
Through this project, Alliance can nurture its team’s talent and give its employees the chance to enhance their careers with highly specialised industry skills. As more and more businesses turn to online advertising, targeting, and outreach, equipping staff members with the skills to handle the biggest digital marketing platforms will be key to any organisation’s evolution as it seeks to retain a competitive edge and improve customer satisfaction.

“We understand the continuous challenge for businesses to keep pace with new technologies and, by extension, meet customer expectations,” explains Nikolai Sammut, co-founder and CEO of ICE Malta. “Being in a prime position in terms of digital developments, ICE Malta is uniquely placed to support Alliance’s workforce needs as the company embraces new opportunities ahead.”

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Michael Bonello

CEO at Alliance Group

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ICE Malta’s Digital Transformation Experts have worked closely with the Alliance Leadership Team to analyse the specific needs of employees within the real estate industry and deliver an engaging programme capable of fulfilling both individual and organisational goals.
This learning experience will cover aspects of social media management, branding, and marketing strategy to help employees better find, connect and drive impact with their target audiences.
Alliance staff members will also benefit from the school’s characteristic emphasis on ‘learning-by-doing’ through practical, hands-on exercises led by industry professionals, giving participants specialised tactics and insights that can be immediately implemented in their work. Learners will also have access to the latest insights due to ICE Malta’s partnership with global giants in digital.
Additionally, the school’s small-class ethos enhances the live mentorship aspect for individual learners while still accommodating everyone, regardless of prior experience. The bootcamp will conclude with a follow-up Q&A session and also comes with 90 days of post-course educator support to ensure individuals feel confident in their new skills.

“We’re delighted to extend ICE Malta’s support for the world-class programme that will be delivered by our experts, including the only Meta-Certified Lead Trainer in Malta,” explained Mr. Sammut. “In launching this programme with us, Alliance has shown that it shares our mission to power careers through tech education.”

More information about ICE Malta’s training for teams programmes can be found here.