About Malta

Malta is situated in the very centre of the Mediterranean; it boasts an enviable combination of beautiful scenery, golden beaches, superb sunny weather, frenetic nightlife, rich history and a people noted by St. Paul as “unusually friendly.” The country has two main islands, Malta and Gozo. It has one of the smallest populations in Europe with around 400,000 inhabitants. Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. Malta is a cross between an open air museum and a hedonistic Mediterranean resort and remains one of the safest English speaking countries in the world.

Why Malta?

In little more than 10 years, Malta has changed remarkably from outsourcing most of its ICT requirements abroad to the current fast-increasing exports of its own excellent ICT services. With hundreds of overseas companies setting up business and many more set to do so in the coming years, Malta is truly establishing itself as a centre for international business in the region. The vision for Malta is to become one of the top 10 information societies in the world. The current development of SmartCity and the thriving industry of online gaming will take the Maltese islands to the top league of ICT destinations in the world.

Malta joined the European union back in 2004 and the Eurozone in 2008. This connection has made it easier for foreign students to obtain a visa through a simple, straight forward process. Due to our graphical position and second national language (English), students can benefit from frequent direct flights to any desired location and communicate easily without the need of learning another language.

Why us?

Institute of Computer Education (ICE) is a dedicated ICT training facility in Malta, providing a wide range of courses with world-wide recognized certifications. Our ambition is to nurture and unlock the talent and skills of our students. In partnership with world leaders we offer our students state of the art courses in our avant-garde premises. Throughout years of hands on experience and expertise, our trainers can offer a combination of skill, creativity and adopt different training methods to the students requirements to help in making their learning experience worthwhile, productive and fun. Above all, we put our students first!

Malta is the ideal place for foreign students to get a step ahead in this fast-paced ICT industry combined with an unforgettable experience on our islands.

Feel free to contact any of our staff for the information and support you need. We can make it happen.