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How Uni students can sprint to the top of the talent charts.

How Uni students can sprint to the top of the talent charts. Uni life will be awesome. You’ll meet like-minded people, make friends that will be by your side for decades to come, gain tons of great insight, & get a clearer picture of what you’d love to do with your life after your days…



An online study experience built for all students.

  Welcome to the new level of learning. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everyone wondered how we managed to flawlessly roll out our Online Live Study Experience in a heartbeat – not one lesson was missed, not one student was left out. No one assumed that this had been work-in-progress for more than 12-months, that’s…


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Failing your exams might be the start of something awesome.

  The motivation you need from industry experts at Betsson, Casumo, GiG & Altaro. Failing your exams might be the beginning of a great journey you will be forever grateful for. Sounds crazy? Well, we’ll even take it even one step further. If University is an option but doesn’t feel like it should be your…


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ICE Malta’s brand new Study Experience.

Customer Experience Officer Davinia Pirotta at Atlas Insurance had completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course when lessons were delivered in class and is now enrolled for an Online Live Graphic Designer Associate course. She’s embraced both delivery styles so we turned to her for her insight and to share her experience so far.…



Outstanding results which inspire us to deliver more, faster.

  Cisco has just published their annual report and yet again, it’s clear that when it comes to Cisco learning in the Med, ICE Malta is the school to beat. So, if you’re keen on embarking on a world-class learning journey, you’ve set your sights on gaining industry skills and a worldwide recognised certification to set…



Part-time learning just might be your perfect fit.

  It feels like you blinked and boom, it’s the end of 2018. You’ve had a jam-packed year full of highs and lows, you’ve accomplished quite a bit, there’s just one thing that you haven’t yet conquered and the little yet loud, irritating voice in your head won’t stop until you get down to getting…



Why a .design domain works wonders for designers.

  If you’re an up-and-coming designer on a mission to score a top spot at a leading brand by now you should know that you really must have a brilliant portfolio. Let’s take it up a notch. If you really want to impress your dream employers socks off and if you’d love to secure a…



Why HR Teams need to learn digital marketing.

  You keep getting slapped with the same statistics and it ain’t amusing. LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends reports all confirm that the finest talent acquisition decision makers need digital marketing to grow employer awareness, attract and retain top talent as well as build the perception of their brand. Top 🖐️ reasons you definitely know (but might…



Linux coding is the most sought-after open source skill.

  Linux administration, development and usage skills have quickly become required and crucial knowledge for the majority of entry-level open source careers. That’s right, businesses of all shapes and sizes are hungry (and by hungry we mean famished) for Linux-trained individuals who are looking to take their career to the next level. First, what’s all…



Why August can be your career pivot.

  Before you know it we’re celebrating the mid-year mark. It’s August. Time sure does fly. New Year’s Eve feels like it was just yesterday. That night you welcomed 2018 with very ambitious goals. Your plan was simple. Invest in training and climb the career ladder fast. Where did the time go? Fast forward to…