This year we’d love to celebrate you too. 🙏😍
2021 YEAR IN REVIEWThe top student success stories2021 has been a monumental year & we’ve celebrated a record amount of milestone moments with our high-flying alumni.

❤️ Here are some of Malta’s top talent who have scored success thanks to our world-class study experience.

Celine Callus
From unemployed to iGaming.
Celine lost her job during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to dive straight into the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course. In just 3 months she landed a very rewarding position in the iGaming arena. Now that’s what we call inspirational!
👉 The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course will give you the career agility that will for. Level-up with the skills all industries need.

Luana Esposito
Play’n GO
The NOC Engineer with design skills.
Luana loves her career path at Play’n GO yet she decided to enrol for both the Graphic Designer Associate course and the Website Designer Associate study programme so that she could fuel her creativity and learn by her own rules. She’s taking charge.
👉 Gain the skills that will give you creative freedom and the ability to progress steadily and adapt swiftly no matter what comes your way.

Sam Dalli
Tink & Tribe.
Business owners celebrate digital marketing learning.
Owner of the popular concept shop Tink & creative agency Tribe, Sam started off by enrolling for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course and then set his sights on achieving a Postgraduate Expert in Digital Marketing so that he could position himself as a top digital marketing talent. His businesses will continue to thrive in any business climate.
👉 Saying yes to the Postgrad course will mean that you will get to learn at your own pace and apply your new skills to real-world projects.

Chantelle Buttigieg
Digital Marketing skills for designers.
Wondering how to move from designer to unicorn in record time? Chantelle’s story is your answer. She enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course to create stunning work that drives even better results. She’s having a blast at LeoVegas & continues to grow her career fast.
👉 The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing certificate is a must-have for designers who truly want to wear the crown.

Matthew Falzon
Betsson Group
Celebrating a new tech career at Betsson record time.
Matthew was determined to make a career change during 2021 so he enrolled for the Cisco CCNA course and scored a rewarding position at Betsson Group in just a few months. Now that’s inspiring!
👉 Matthew’s story continues to show that industry-celebrated skills such as Cisco CCNA are door openers.

Daniel Fenech
Top talent never stops learning.
Daniel is one of the island’s top tech talents working at Tipico. One of his best-kept secrets is that he continues to gain the skills to level up and stay ahead. He enrolled in Python to become even more versatile & he’s on his way to achieving even more success.
👉 No matter which industry you’re in, learning has to become part of your lifestyle and courses such as Python are sure to make you even stronger.

David Lia
A new career in the telecoms industry.
After acing his Cisco CCNA & Linux LPIC-1 exams, David scored a great career opportunity as Senior IT and DevOps Engineer at one of the island’s fastest-growing telecommunications brands – Melita. We’re super proud!
👉 Industry leaders are looking for talent who have the ability to be effective, efficient,& agile problem solvers and brand builders. Courses such as CCNA & LPIC-1 are what top brands want.

Clint Cesare
It’s never too late to make a career change.
After close to a decade working as an aircraft technician, Clint decided to leap into online live learning so that he would give himself the chance to turn his passion for video games into a profession. The future is really bright, he’s on a roll.
👉 The combination of Python, Website Designer Associate & Website Developer courses are Clint’s ticket to career freedom. They will be yours too.
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