Online live learning will get you closer to your career goals. Meet Clint.

After close to a decade working as an aircraft technician, Clint Cesare decided to leap into online live learning so that he would give himself the chance to turn his passion for video games into a profession. He kicked off his learning journey with Python, quickly moved on to the MySuccess Website Designer Associate course, and has now secured his spot for the upcoming MySuccess Website Developer study programme. Clint’s on a roll. This is his story.

You’ve completed numerous worldwide recognised certifications, why do you continue to turn to ICE Malta for learning?
My first course at ICE Malta was Python and it was a great learning experience. The instructor is an industry expert with a very strong ability to teach and apart from delivering engaging content, he shared his own experiences which made learning even more interesting. Since then I have decided to enrol for more courses with ICE Malta. My goal is to earn more qualifications, further increase my knowledge and get me ready for new experiences. I know that ICE Malta can help me achieve this.
What are the benefits of online live learning?

In my opinion, online live learning gives the students the chance to learn what they like from the comfort of their home, which is great. Thanks to the 7-day playback feature you can rewatch your lesson – this is handy whether you’re not clear on some of the content presented or you’ve missed the whole lesson.

You enrolled for courses that aren’t related to your line of work – why is it important to learn subjects that you enjoy?
I have worked in aviation as an aircraft technician for almost all of my professional life however technology has always fascinated me. Video games are my main hobby and my goal is to work in an environment that is related to what I love. Also, I specifically enrolled for industry-driven learning because there is a myriad of opportunities in digital and tech so it felt right to learn and earn certifications in subjects that will help me future proof my career.
What’s next for you? How would you like to apply your new skills?
Presently I am working hard to achieve my certifications and I will hopefully be able to apply my new skills in a new workplace in the near future. Personal growth is extremely important and will help me remain competitive and get noticed by top brands so learning will always be a part of my life. Since my hobby is playing video games, I would also like to be able to learn how they are made – from concept to design, this is definitely part of my future learning wish list.
What was your favourite part of your study experience?
Learning how technology impacts our lives and getting an in-depth view of what happens behind the scenes has been great. I also really enjoy studying with like-minded individuals who have similar goals and dreams.
Will your learning journey continue?
I’ve selected my next course for ICE Malta’s end-of-year semester – I’ve decided to enrol for the Website Developer course. After that, I know that I will keep gaining the skills that will get me closer to my career goals. The sky’s the limit when you invest in your learning journey.
We are confident that Clint will reach his goals because he is committed to learning the skills that matter, he is eager to transform his passion for video games into a career and he has turned to us to help him earn the in-demand worldwide recognised certifications that brands across all industries value. We’re proud to be his selected learning partner and can’t wait to celebrate his next success.


Online live learning gives the students the chance to learn whatever they want from the comfort of their home, which is great.