How to score a tech career in the telecommunications industry. Meet David

After acing his CCNA & LPIC-1 exams, tech talent David Lia scored a great career opportunity as Senior IT and DevOps Engineer at one of the island’s fastest-growing telecommunications brands Melita Ltd. With his new collection of in-demand industry skills up his sleeves he is more effective, efficient, agile, and is progressing up the career ladder fast. This is his story.

What do you love most about the telecommunications industry?
Telecommunications is an industry that is not going to slow down any time soon which means plenty of opportunities to look forward to and lots of room for personal growth. It is an industry that is looking to stay ahead of the curve by developing various products that make use of the latest technologies – this is of great interest to me and is one of the reasons I’m so driven and eager to continue to advance.
How have the skills you have gained helped you to stay ahead?

These tech skills are sought after by many employers and they helped me stand out from other candidates and score great opportunities. Hence, my learning journey has enabled me to have the luxury of choosing what the next step in my career will be.

Which part of your study experience did you enjoy the most?
I would say that interacting with tutors helped me to stay abreast and focused on the topic. As a result, this improved my learning experience and made the process of grasping complex concepts easier and much more enjoyable. I find that having a good educator who guides their pupils in the right direction and helps them understand the core concepts of a topic to build a solid foundation is invaluable.
Do you use any of your CCNA/LPIC-1 skills at work? How do these come in handy?
Yes, I use these skills on a daily basis. I am faced with new problems every day in my line of work, but having these skills up my sleeve has helped me gain the confidence I need to face technical obstacles head-on. They have helped me build a very solid foundation that I heavily rely on to do my job.
What are your career plans/goals?
No one knows what the future holds, especially when working in such a fast-evolving industry. At the moment I feel I am on the right track with my current role as it has plenty of potential and has introduced me to many new technologies. These factors have made the experience challenging and rewarding – it’s what motivates me continuously.
What is your message to young talent who would like to join the fast-moving telecommunications arena?
It is a great industry that will empower you to explore the world of IT and help you pave your path wherever that may lead you. There are plenty of opportunities and it is up to you to find the right one for yourself. If ever in doubt, reach out to industry professionals and seek advice.
Just like David shared, achieving worldwide recognised certifications and gaining in-demand industry skills gives you the freedom and flexibility to take charge of your career and be able to decide on your next step confidently. The sky’s the limit for this great talent who believes that learning is one of the secrets to his career success. We can’t wait to celebrate his next milestone which we are sure will be very soon.


I am faced with new problems every day in my line of work, but having these industry skills up my sleeve gives me the confidence to tackle any technical obstacle.

DAVID LIASenior IT and DevOps Engineer