The designer who became a unicorn. Meet Chantelle.

The best designers are unicorns, rare breeds with broad multidisciplinary knowledge and highly evolved combinations of skills and talents. LeoVegas’ Graphic Designer Chantelle Buttigieg leapt into the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course to position herself as a leading talent with a combination of graphic design, motion graphics, photography, and a new set of cutting-edge digital marketing skills. This is her story.

You’re a graphic designer at LeoVegas—why did you enrol for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing?

Personally, I always try to keep learning in order to develop new skills. After three years as a designer at LeoVegas, furthering my marketing knowledge in order to improve the performance of my designs became my personal goal. At LeoVegas, we create content for several regions around the world. Thus, we must familiarise ourselves with different audiences and cultures on a daily basis. Indeed, I enrolled for this course to gain additional knowledge on a variety of marketing tools and techniques that would allow me to optimise my creatives while learning how data and marketing research can be used to take my work a step further and consequently perform better in each respective country.

What was your favourite part of your Online Live study experience?
I enjoyed every part of it, but I especially liked the flexibility of the online classes. Thanks to the recordings that we had available for 7 days, I was able to catch up on a lesson that I couldn’t attend, so I didn’t miss out on anything. Furthermore, everything we learned was backed up on our DMI membership system; indeed, my learning experience was greatly enriched due to having access to some of the best learning tools available. The ICE Malta team was helpful and supportive, and the tutors were nice and very experienced; it was a pleasure to learn directly from such experts. Needless to say, the courses were well-organised, and each unit’s goals were clearly specified. Overall, I do prefer online live because I was able to better manage my work-life balance while gaining new skills.
How did you get exam-ready?
The quizzes and skills tests helped me considerably improve my exam preparation skills. These could be taken as many times as needed, and they were a big part of what helped me feel ready for my exam.
What’s your next career goal? (What would you like to achieve next?)

I’m always looking to develop further in my career, surely this course will create more opportunities for me, but for now, my goal is to keep growing within LeoVegas. Apart from that, I also work as a freelance designer and photographer; increased marketing knowledge could help me enhance my work in these areas while improving my ability to promote myself in a more confident way. Furthermore, after gaining some hands-on experience with marketing, I intend to add marketing services along with my design and photography services. Needless to say that these three skills work hand in hand, so it’s definitely a great addition to have.

What is working at LeoVegas like?

At LeoVegas, we adopt a challenger mentality, meaning that individuals are encouraged to lead their own projects, and our managers are always there to support our ideas and help us achieve them. As a designer, this approach especially motivates me to always keep pushing myself to try new things and not to be scared of taking risks. I really believe that LeoVegas is an amazing company that supports its employees both professionally and personally and I’m proud to be a part of this driven team.

A message for graphic design talent who want to stay ahead.
New technologies are being launched every few months, and social media platforms are always changing. Therefore, it is crucial for designers to always stay a few steps ahead of the trends. Design is a matter of always coming up with novel and interesting ways to promote your product. Day by day, marketing is becoming a crucial skill that every designer needs to have. Taking this Diploma encouraged me to open my mind completely and push myself to consider how I tackle my daily tasks in order to make sure that each creative is sending out the desired message. Thus, my personal advice to any designer out there is, “Design is changing every day, so always make sure that you are ahead of that change.”
We’re hoping that Chantelle’s story will motivate you to ask yourself what additional skills and knowledge you can add to your expertise to continue to build yourself into a strong talent that top brands want on their teams and which will give you the creative freedom to take charge of your career. We can’t wait to see where Chantelle’s learning journey will take her next and we’re looking forward to supporting her each and every step of the way.


I love online live learning because it gives students the opportunity to better manage their work-life balance while gaining in-demand skills.