A new tech career at Betsson Group. Meet Matthew.

After completing the Cisco CCNA Course, Matthew Falzon secured his place at the Betsson Group team as a Service Desk Specialist. Today he is on his way to building a rewarding tech career in the iGaming industry and he shares how this highly in-demand certification is a game-changer for talent. This is his story.

Why did you enrol for the Cisco CCNA course?

When I enrolled for the Cisco CCNA course my goal was to take the next step in the tech industry and focus more on networking. This course has helped me to achieve more industry insight, skills, and experience. It is also the reason why I managed to secure my new career at Betsson Group.

What is it like to be a part of the Betsson Group team?
Well first of all working in iGaming is a totally different ball game – you can’t compare it to other industries. What I love most is that I am in a multi-cultural environment full of inspiring talent – that is very motivating. Life at Betsson Group is fast-paced and our team works together to continue to achieve bigger goals. So far it’s also been very rewarding and I can’t wait to continue to develop my career here.
Did you imagine that just one course would be your game-changer?
Honestly, I hadn’t realised that studying CCNA would open so many career opportunities for me. I recommend that individuals who want a career in the tech industry enrol for this course too – yes, it’s a game-changer.
What did you like most about your study experience?
My Cisco CCNA course was delivered online-live which makes learning so much easier for students. Apart from being able to connect to class from your own space, it is also really comfortable and offers you a certain amount of additional flexibility. Our lecturer made lessons very engaging, he shared his own industry experiences which was really helpful and he was very supportive.
What is your message to talent who want to start a new career yet are hesitant to gain new skills?

The Cisco CCNA certificate is a validation of in-demand industry skills, it’s a must-have for the tech industry.  For talent looking to start a tech career, my advice is for them to explore what intrigues them about a career in networking. Whether it’s routing and switching, security, collaboration, or you might just love RF theory and want to do wireless, the point is to find out what you are most curious about and follow your passion.

From the moment he confirmed his enrolment for the Cisco CCNA Course Matthew set a goal for himself and he worked hard to achieve it. The fact that one course was his entry course to the iGaming industry is very empowering and should inspire other individuals to consider the tech arena and take charge of their careers. A bright future awaits for this budding talent and we look forward to celebrating his next success.


Honestly, I hadn’t realised that studying CCNA would open so many career opportunities for me. This course is a game-changer.

MATTHEW FALZONService Desk Specialist