The future is here. We’ve made it easier for everyone to level-up with in-demand industry skills from anywhere.

ONLINE LIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCEExactly like our on-campus learning experience with more freedom for you.The future is here. We’ve made it easier for everyone to level-up with in-demand industry skills from anywhere.

⚡ We’ll tell you more about online live & answer your questions.

Why learn at ICE Malta?

  • 🏆Experience practical & collaborative learning.
  • 🙏Learn from industry experts.
  • 😍Unrivalled support during & after course.
  • 🙌Work with best-in-class tools.
  • 💯Achieve globally recognised certifications.
  • 💰Funding & payment schemes support.
Special Features ❤️
7-day lesson playback.Re-watch your recorded live lesson over & over again on-demand — accessible for 7-days after live lesson delivery.“The fact that I had 7 extra days to re-watch each lesson was great because it allowed me to take notes at my own pace & go over the content again.”Jake MizziCasino Brand & Content Executive at Max Entertainment
Learn from anywhere.A front row seat from your preferred space every single lesson — wherever you are in the world.“It’s so easy to go online and join your live lesson no matter where you are.”Sarah MizziFront-end developer, UX/UI Designer & Marketing Executive at Wyzer
What the industry is saying
“Gain in-demand skills online live with ICE Malta and then have the work flexibility thanks to Betsson’s hybrid work model.”


Adam Woodley

Global Head of Recruitment

“In a world where top brands are moving to a remote-first or hybrid environment it’s great that individuals can level-up with online live learning.”


Emmeline Grech

Talent Specialist

Core Features 🏆Wondering what to expect? Expect world-class.

Learning platform

Learning Platform

A courseware kingdom full of presentations, playbacks, quizzes & practice exercises accessible 24/7.

Globally Recognised Certifications

Earn globally recognised certifications

Worldwide recognised certifications by top tech brands which prove that you’re industry ready.

Taught by industry experts

Taught by industry experts

Courses endorsed by leading experts by top local & international brands

Pay monthly

Pay monthly

Split tuition fees into monthly interest-free payments. No banks involved.

Student Support

Student Experience Support

A helping hand before, during and after your learning journey.

Post-course educator support

Post-course educator support

Personalised feedback to help you achieve your goals for an additional 6 month window.

Benefit from Funding Schemes

Benefit from funding schemes

Ace your exam & we’ll help you get 70% of your course fees back.

Become industry ready

Become industry ready

The chance to gain the skills & certifications leading experts at top brands want to see on your CV.

Practical learning

Practical learning

Hands-on exercises and real world projects to get you industry ready.

Top brands are home for ICE Malta students

Level-up in less than 4 months.

FAQs 🤔
Do you really believe that online live learning is for everyone? I’m not sure.

We honestly do and the numbers prove that we are right. The fact that you can select your learning location, join class without the need to commute or struggle to find parking, still enjoy a practical lesson delivered by an industry expert topped off with a brand new 7-day playback feature that allows you to re-watch your lesson again makes online live learning a brilliant option. Plus the support you’ll get at any point of your learning journey and beyond will really make you feel on top of the world. Still not sure? Let’s talk some more.

Can I keep my camera off?

For your sake, we’d love it if you could keep your camera on mainly because this will help mimic the on-campus class experience and up your engagement levels. It will also help you avoid distractions and keep you focused on learning. You can select your very own background if don’t want to share your real room settings – if you do choose somewhere cool. If for one reason or another you can’t switch your camera on then don’t worry about it, we understand – whatever suits you best.

What equipment do I need?

In the ideal scenario students should have a computer setup with two screens, one where you can follow the lesson from (which can even be your mobile) and your main screen which you will use for practical learning. This will guarantee that your learning experience is really powerful.

Can we ask questions during the online live lesson?

Yes, yes, YES! We’re known for delivering an engaging learning experience that is full of interaction so participation is encouraged. Simply raise your hand when you have something to say just like you would in an on-campus class.

How long will I have access to the lesson recording?

You have a free 7-day window to re-watch the lesson as many times as you like. While we encourage you to watch the recording because this is a great perk, keep in mind that your main source of learning should come from your online live appointment. The 7-day playback is an add-on it’s not intended to replace online live.

Why is the combination of online live & the 7-day playback important?

Joining class online live will keep you accountable – the fact that you have a fixed date/time to meet your educator and classmates gives you stability plus you’ll get to participate in class discussions which are really fun. The add-on of the 7-day playback feature gives you the opportunity to watch your whole lesson or parts of it which you might have missed or would like to go over. It’s really the perfect combination.

Can I still apply for the 70% course fees back through the Get Qualified Scheme?

100%! Whether you’re self-funding your learning journey, are sponsored by the company you represent or are scheduling team training there are numerous funding schemes for you to benefit from and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

How can an online live class be practical?

During your class your educator will be giving you practical walk-throughs and challenges to complete live during your lesson. Thanks to your dual monitor you can follow your educator on one screen and get your hands dirty on the other. You can even share your screen with your mentor and the rest of the class!

Can I really learn from anywhere?

Say goodbye to traffic stress & commute struggles. All you need is a stable internet connection so you can literally learn from anywhere – well not from outer space but that’s obvious right? The awesome thing is that if you’re on holiday, stuck at the office or feeling lazy or unwell at home you can still connect with your class and learn a ton. Super right? Freedom to learn from wherever you choose – that’s your new superpower.