1. Add the text Adobe to the document and then link the text to http://www.adobe.com.
  2. Using the Insert Panel, add an image placeholder named Next that is 128 pixels wide and 32 pixels high after the last paragraph of text.
  3. Using the Property inspector, change the color of the image placeholder to green (#00FF00).
  4. Create a new Favorites folder titled Pictures in the Assets panel and put the file named home.gif into it.
  5. Rename homepage.html in the Files Panel to the correct name so that the server will recognize as the home page
  6. Insert an image that can be viewed in all browsers into a new HTML page.
  7. Set the default font for the document to Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif.
  8. Using the Property Inspector, change the heading text Monkeys to the h1 paragraph formatting.
  9. Increase the flower image’s brightness to +25%.
  10. Increase the flower image’s brightness to +25%.
  11. Replace the image river.jpg with the image forest.jpg.

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