From unemployed to iGaming in less than 3 months. Meet Celine.

It’s been said that when one door closes another opens and this is definitely the case for’s new Junior CRM coordinator Celine Callus who lost her job back in December 2020 and decided to invest her free time in world-class learning. She scored a great career opportunity in the industry of her dreams 3 months after completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. This is her story.

You lost your job in December 2020 how did that negative situation trigger you to invest in your learning journey?
Losing your job is always a struggle and because of the COVID-19 pandemic finding a new role was even more of a challenge. I decided to dive into learning and invest in myself. This not only helped me mentally because my mind was always busy learning something new but was also very rewarding as it was my way of making good use of my time.
Why did you choose to enroll for the Diploma in Digital Marketing?

I was always interested to learn digital marketing but I always postponed starting because of one excuse or another. After losing my job I had a lot of free time on my hands so I decided to focus on learning. My goal was to land a career in the dynamic iGaming industry and thanks to this course that’s what I did.

After acing your exam in February 2021 (just three months after becoming unemployed) you quickly scored a great career opportunity at – why was this certification crucial for success?
The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing certificate has helped me in many ways. First of all, it helped me to get noticed by top brands which wouldn’t have considered me in the past, and secondly, it gave me the skills and industry insight to be a stronger candidate. I now apply what I have learnt in this course to my day-to-day work tasks.
What part of your study experience did you find to be the most effective?
I scored a CRM role at so the most effective modules for me were the ones focused on email marketing and social media marketing. Certain terms I was introduced to during the course have become my normal lingo at work furthermore due to the fact that my teacher is an industry expert and the course content is built by international brands like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc I got a really great perspective of what my role would be like and what challenges I would be faced with.
You managed to take charge of your career in just a few months – what is your message to talent who are going through a challenging patch in their career?
For all those people who have been or still are in the same situation that I was in December, I encourage you to take charge – invest in your learning journey. While landing a career is extremely competitive if you gain the skills, certifications and show that you are willing to work hard someone will give you a chance – it only takes one person to believe in you. Do your very best to stand out.
Now that you’ve experienced world-class learning, what’s next for you?
After having a wonderful experience at ICE Malta, next year I would like to further my knowledge in the industry and my goal is to enrol for the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. I understand that the more industry skills, insight, and certifications I gain, the faster I can progress in my programme and I know that this next step in my learning journey will do precisely that. Another course that has captured my attention is also Graphic Designer Associate which I firmly believe will go along nicely with the certification that I already have and will strengthen my position as a top talent.
Had she not lost her career back in December 2020, Celine would probably have never found the free time and determination to dive into world-class learning and drive her career in the direction of her dreams. She managed to flip a negative instance into a wonderful opportunity and we are extremely proud of Celine because she has shown that talent have the power to overcome any obstacles when they have the skills and certifications the industry demands.


The course content is built by international brands like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc so I got really great perspective of what my new role in iGaming could be like.

CELINE CALLUSJunior CRM Coordinator