#5 reasons why designers should learn to code.

  In an article published by Wired, seasoned technologist John Maeda states that ‘if you want to survive in design, you better learn to code’. He goes on by saying that the best designers think outside the box and constantly seek to innovate – and learning new skills is all part of this. So if you’re…



How to transform your day job into a career you love.

  There was a time when you were motivated and scoring massive career results. Back then you were motivated, energised and completely on the ball. You had a spark, you delivered solutions, you were the office star, you weren’t stuck, quite the contrary, you were moving fast. That’s the old you we need to bring…



#5 top takeaways from this year’s Stack Overflow Report.

  Every year, the popular coding community platform Stack Overflow conducts their annual Developer Survey and just like all other editions, this year’s report is full of interesting statistics which give a snapshot of what’s really happening in the world of code. This report is the real deal. 👇 Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted…



Why digital is the new language everyone needs to learn.

  40 year old chef Morgan is the proud owner of a gorgeous restaurant. Bloggers haven’t stopped raving about his exquisite menu. Corporate Liz is an HR Manager at an iGaming company, she’s recruiting top talent thanks to a super digital strategy. Marvin’s start-up has become an overnight sensation. Thanks to his online campaign he…



Discover which GDPR training you need.

By now you must have heard. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. Panic strikes for many because, let’s face it – the GPDR’s impact on businesses will undoubtedly be massive – the new rules require businesses large and small to transform their policies, structure and personnel to ensure compliance…



Meet Jeremy Spiller.

The selected international educator for the Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling bootcamp. Say hello to world-class digital selling superstar, extraordinary mentor and overall nice guy Jeremy Spiller. Here’s why we’re over the moon and super excited to welcome him to Malta for the island’s very first Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling…


SAC-Blog-1 (1)

Why the Syllabus Advisory Council is brag-worthy.

Wondering why we mention the Syllabus Advisory Council each and every time we talk about the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing 5 day bootcamp? Well we’re literally as proud as punch to work closely with this lot of brilliant minds. You see, the council is made up of members who live, breath and dream digital…


Election-blog (1)

Digital can win the election. Here’s how.

Spend less money, reach more people — win the game. Election fever is hitting our islands hard, stories are unraveling, the temperature is rising — so we thought we’d let you in on a secret.  Just like any award winning brand, political parties need to have digital in their corner to win, and in this unexpected election campaign we’re watching…



Why we love LinkedIn

We’re cheerleaders for LinkedIn only because we are advocates of social selling and we know the power that this social media platform brings to any business.  Apart from connecting half a billion individuals from 200 countries (bid deal wouldn’t you say?), millions of people in the B2B world engage, negotiate, connect and collaborate on this…