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Customer Experience Officer Davinia Pirotta at Atlas Insurance had completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course when lessons were delivered in class and is now enrolled for an Online Live Graphic Designer Associate course. She’s embraced both delivery styles so we turned to her for her insight and to share her experience so far.

What are the benefits of Online Live learning?
Online Live has definitely given me loads of flexibility.  I can just login 5 minutes before the lesson starts without any hassles of parking or missing out on time with my family before or after the lesson.  As a new mum, this was very important, although I admit to having help from other family members to babysit whilst I attend the lesson.  Our tutor makes the lesson very interesting and being online has not hindered my learning in any way whatsoever. I can share my screen and ask questions anytime I need which is perfect for me because I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I tend to ask a lot to make sure I got things right! :). The fact that I can play back parts of the lessons is handy, especially when I feel like I need a bit more training in the techniques presented during the live lesson.
How do you manage to apply what you are learning in real-time?

The best way I found is using 2 screens where I can share my screen if I ever get stuck – the screen where you’re following your lesson can even be your mobile!

Why did you enrol in the Graphic Designer Associate course?
I have always been interested in design, whether I would be doing this as my bread and butter, or simply as an added skill and understanding of this role.  As a customer experience officer at Atlas Insurance, I always thrive to give my customers the best experience, and having clearly communicated messages in an appealing way, is definitely a daily goal.  Knowing this helps me liaise better with both in-house designers as well as 3rd party agencies.
Top brands are swiftly moving towards a remote/hybrid work model, this gives talent in particular working mums a bigger opportunity to re-join the workforce. Do you agree?
Here’s my experience – Atlas Insurance recruited me when I was already pregnant, which gave me the flexibility to work from home for as long as I needed, and months after the birth of my son, I still have the option to work remotely. Whilst I admit there are challenges in working at home with children, and homeschooling has not been easy on a lot of people during the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe there is nothing that one cannot do if they really put their mind to it. Opportunities are always around us. Sometimes we just need to ask for a chance, or just seize it.
Davinia is a true believer in life-longer learning, she is already looking into what skills she can gain next and she is a talent to follow whether you’re a parent eager to rejoin the workforce or you’re looking for new exciting career opportunities.

“Thanks to Online Live I can just login 5 minutes before the lesson starts without any hassles of parking or missing out on time with my family.”

DAVINIA PIROTTACustomer Experience Officer

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