Part-time learning just might be your perfect fit.


It feels like you blinked and boom, it’s the end of 2018. You’ve had a jam-packed year full of highs and lows, you’ve accomplished quite a bit, there’s just one thing that you haven’t yet conquered and the little yet loud, irritating voice in your head won’t stop until you get down to getting this very special task off your milestone list. You’re still in time to kick-start your digital marketing learning journey before the end of the year.

  1. Real-world learning
    Get ready for ten weeks of digital where time is on your side. Your class-time learning includes discussing some of the most iconic digital marketing campaigns, taking digital tools for a test drive, debating about the next big social media announcement and exploring case studies related to your preferred industry.
  2. Deep dive learning
    Evening classes are scheduled twice a week so between one lesson and another you get to go back home, deep dive into your learning and come back to class firing the toughest questions and most interesting findings.
  3. Learn from legends
    You’ll be mentored by outstandingly brilliant educators who are digital marketing specialists focused on very particular areas of digital marketing. Following course completion, you’ll have access to these brilliant minds for a period of six months to ensure that you have the academic support you’ll need whilst implementing the newly achieved skills.
  4. Leave your last leave days alone
    At this time of year, leave days are a rare luxury so you either don’t have any off days left or if you do you probably have plans. No need to fret. Part-time learning means that you get to comfortably land in your state-of-the-art class at 6.00PM – after work.
  5. Integrate learning in your lifestyle
    If you haven’t been in learning mode for a while, or, if your attention span is short and you can’t even imagine yourself sitting in a class for more than 2hrs, then part-time learning is your perfect fit. You’ll integrate learning in your lifestyle like a pro and before you know it you’ll find yourself longing for more.



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