Failing your exams might be the start of something awesome.


The motivation you need from industry experts at Betsson, Casumo, GiG & Altaro.
Failing your exams might be the beginning of a great journey you will be forever grateful for. Sounds crazy? Well, we’ll even take it even one step further. If University is an option but doesn’t feel like it should be your next step, we’re here to encourage you to take a breath and explore your options. You have some really great ones to consider.

It wasn’t meant to be – now move on. Now by no means are we dismissing the incredible success of students who aced their exams and are excited to hit University – don’t be mistaken, we’re proud of you and if you add worldwide recognised certifications and in-demand skills to your CV you’re going to progress incredibly fast. What we’re suggesting is that there is more than one path that can lead you to score great career wins.

“I was a University dropout and now I’m the Senior Vice President of Engineering at an awarding winning iGaming brand.”

Jonathan Vella

Senior Vice President of Engineering

“Not having a University degree definitely wasn’t a stumbling block for me it shouldn’t be yours either.”

David Vella


Like all of the biggest brands in the world – Google, Tesla, IBM, Netflix, Hilton, Apple & Facebook included, some of the coolest & companies headquartered in the Maltese islands such as GiG, Casumo, and Betsson have tons of open career opportunities within the tech, code, design and digital marketing paths which don’t require a university degree.

“A degree shows a great foundation but it’s not the be-all and end-all.”

Pete Everson

Head of Talent Acquisition

“With tech, you can’t get too hung up on academic certifications, because the industry moves faster than academia can keep up.”

Adam Woodley

Head of Global Recruitment

Take charge of your future, with us by your side. The combination of worldwide recognised certifications and a variety of in-demand skills will get you in the spotlight in record time. Here are a few examples:

    • If learning how to code sounds cool we’ll get you on the Web Developer track first. You’ll probably end up applying for Junior DevOps jobs by the end of the year. Top up with Linux and AWS skills and you’ll shine extra bright.
    • If marketing feels like a good fit we’ll get you enrolled in the Diploma in Digital Marketing course. The sky’s the limit for this one – any marketing or content-creator position will feel right. Add graphic design or HTML/CSS skills to the mix and you’re in it to win it.
    • If design sounds like fun we’ll tell you about the Graphic Designer Associate course. Whether it’s a junior designer or any marketing-related position you’ll find yourself applying your new design skills to impress. Move onto digital marketing next and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll achieve.

With us by your side, you’ll have the freedom & flexibility to learn from anywhere, meet your industry expert educators & classmates live from your comfy front-row seat and re-watch your lesson for a full 7 days over and over again, for free. It’s the study experience you’ve always wanted.

Starting is easy and free. Book your complimentary career consultation with our learning advisors who will listen to your goals and recommend which courses are right for you. They’ll also tell you about the very attractive and easy to ace Get Qualified Scheme which will entitle you to get 70% of your course fees back. Paying your tuition monthly instead of upfront is also an option – so really, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We’re here for you, now, later or, whenever the time feels right. Just don’t wait too long to give yourself a second chance.

Top companies are waiting, for you.No stalling. Get right to it.

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