An online study experience built for all students.


Welcome to the new level of learning.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everyone wondered how we managed to flawlessly roll out our Online Live Study Experience in a heartbeat – not one lesson was missed, not one student was left out. No one assumed that this had been work-in-progress for more than 12-months, that’s right – 1 year plus of building a strategy for what would become a new benchmark for high-quality learning in the Maltese islands, and beyond.

The introduction of new features makes our already celebrated and loved study experience more powerful than ever before:

  • 100% Freedom to learn from anywhere.
    Select your own learning location. Say goodbye to commute struggles and parking problems. Whether you’re relaxing in Gozo, travelling to your next destination, working from any country in the world, or soaking in the sun on a beautiful beach — you can join your online live lesson, network with like-minded talent, and learn from an industry pro.
  • Your free 7-day playback.
    Let’s say you missed part of your lesson, a certain concept isn’t crystal clear or you couldn’t make it for your class – these instances won’t keep you back, we’ve made sure of that. All students get access to their live lesson for an additional 7 days. You can re-watch your lesson as many times as you like, for free.


Online Live learning mimics the classroom experience perfectly all because of our exceptional team – our Student Operations team who helped each and every student feel comfortable, confident, and ready to continue their learning journey smoothly, our Academic team who have built an even more powerful study experience based on our very strong foundations, our Admissions team who continue to spend endless hours recommending courses aligned with students’ goals and our Brand team who empower individuals to take charge of their future.

More than ever before here’s your chance to level up with design, digital marketing, code and tech skills, benefit from funding and get one step closer to your career dreams. Take the leap, you’ll love it.

Take charge with Online Live.No stalling. Get right to it.

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