How Uni students can sprint to the top of the talent charts.

How Uni students can sprint to the top of the talent charts.
Uni life will be awesome. You’ll meet like-minded people, make friends that will be by your side for decades to come, gain tons of great insight, & get a clearer picture of what you’d love to do with your life after your days at Uni come to an end.

The combination of a rewarding life at Uni together with a few part-time worldwide recognised courses aligned with your selected path will give you the industry insight, expertise, certifications and skills to hop on to a fun and rewarding career fast track and if having too much on your plate is the first thought that comes to mind well, what we’re suggesting doesn’t require a massive commitment, just a few hours a week. You get to learn from absolutely anywhere, watch your lessons for an additional 7 days to take your own notes and get 70% of your course fees back too. The results? You’ll sprint to the top of the talent charts like an Olympian.

We turned to top industry experts who shared their recommendations in our webinar series and they all had the same strong message –

“A degree shows a lot of value but it’s not everything especially in tech.”

Alex Cachia

Head of Technology

“A degree is a foundation, but it’s the industry certifications that help you a lot.”

Doreen Belonwu

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Whether you hop onto an online live study experience leading to an AWS, Cisco, Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, The Digital Marketing Institute or Linux certification, gaining the skills that will truly make you industry ready is what will help you shine out. Enrol for courses that are aligned with your selected path or level-up with the skills that all professions need because they are what will give you the boost you need to land a career with a top brand as soon as your Uni days are behind you. Book a call with our learning advisors and figure out where you should start from.

Hey, the future is yours so don’t get lost in the background, stand out. Demand is high for the talent who learn what really matters. You’ve got this and we’ve got your back.

Happy learning!

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