Worldwide recognised Day Courses now launched
ICE Malta Business Training Unit

In line with the main targets outlined in the educational strategy for the Maltese islands 2014-2024 published by the Ministry for Education & Employment, ICE Malta together with the institute’s educational partners, is proud to launch Malta’s first ICT worldwide recognised study paths ‘Day timetable’  designed for corporate clients interested in sending their teams for personal development and training, as well as individuals who prefer embarking on day time (morning & afternoon) classes instead of part time evening courses.

‘During the last academic years we have focused our entire efforts to ensure full capacity of our quarterly part time evening courses and have received noted academic success by students who have completed ICE Malta study programmes. During this period we launched our ICT Training Business Unit and established an ideal timetable which has been designed specifically on feedback received by IT & HR Managers as well as business owners interested in sending their staff for corporate training as well as entities who would like to sponsor their employees in their numerous ‘Personal Development Training Programmes’. ICE Malta will launch a Day Timetable twice a year and is proud to be offering individuals the opportunity to achieve worldwide recognised certification in either morning, afternoon or evening sessions Monday – Friday truly continue to position the institute as an educational leader’ ICE Malta Director Nikolai Sammut confirmed.

April ‘Day Timetable’ class hours are scheduled in the morning or early afternoon and are designed so that students may now attend fewer lessons of a longer duration or a full time module per month, hence making the timetable more convenient for:

  • employees who cannot afford to take whole days of leave or a substantial amount of leave days at one go.
  • individuals who are presently looking for employment and would like to increase their skill-set and make their CV more attractive to potential employers
  • individuals who would like to embark on training out of their own initiative and therefore prefer taking leave hours instead of full days of leave.
  • individuals, in particular females, who have chosen to stop working for a couple of years and would now like to achieve worldwide recognised certifications, practical experience and knowledge to once again position themselves as star candidates for local and international positions available.

‘We strongly believe that the Day Timetable launched which includes industry designed courses such as Microsoft Project 2010 Level 1, Microsoft Office Migration 2003 – 2010 & 2010 – 2013, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, ECDL Advanced Excel & PHP Advanced 2010 will encourage individuals to continue to understand the importance of lifelong learning and also help businesses who would like to invest in their greatest resource – their employees’ Mr Sammut concluded.

ICE Malta’s April Semester Day Timetable may be viewed HERE (refer ‘Day Courses’ section of the timetable). Prospective students are requested to get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team on [email protected] or call 21467787 to organize a meeting at their convenience.

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