ICE Malta’s contribution to the Educational Strategy for Malta 2014-2024

Following the launch of the Educational Strategy for Malta 2014-2024, ICE Malta is proud to share how the institute is committed to ensure that together with educational partners Microsoft, Cisco, LPI, Adobe, The Digital Marketing Institute & Autodesk, the institute designs study programmes, opportunities and initiatives during each semester which address the targets emphasized in the educational strategy launched.  

Target 1, Ministry for Education & Employment: Reduce the gaps in educational outcomes – decrease the number of low achievers and raise the bar in literacy, numeracy and science and technology competence
  1. Worldwide recognised certifications by educational partners Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, LPI & The Digital Marketing Institute.
  2. Before every academic term, the ICE Malta Director of Studies meets industry leaders to ensure that the study paths offered at the institute are what the industry require and will give practical hands on experience, skills and knowledge the industry wants and needs.
  3. A number of companies such as GFI invite students who successfully complete their studies at ICE Malta for an interview
  4. The institute meets international game design companies who show interest in setting up in the Maltese islands to ensure that the course content matches their needs and which will give local students an opportunity to compete for upcoming job positions
  5. Participation in local and international competitions which give students the opportunity to build their portfolio and meet key industry leaders looking for local talent.
Target 2, Ministry for Education & Employment: Support Educational Achievement of children at risk of poverty and from low social economic status and reduce the relatively high incidence of early school leavers
  1. ICE Malta will invest 10,000 euros per scholastic year. This funding is given to Form 4 and Form 5 students in the form of 50euro study vouchers which can  be used on any of their preferred course.
  2. During 2014, ICE Malta will launch a Summer Programme designed specifically for Teens (13-16) which will give early school leavers the opportunity to benefit from a mentorship programme giving students opportunities in various IT industries.
Target 3, Ministry for Education & Employment: Raise Levels of Student Retainment and attainment in further vocational and tertiary education and training.
  1. ICE Malta has launched the island’s first day timetable giving school leavers and individuals presently registered with ETC and looking for employment the opportunity to attend worldwide recognised industry designed certifications during morning and afternoon sessions and achieve the skills required by the industry hence increasing chances of employment.
Target 4, Ministry for Education & Employment: Increase participation in lifelong learning and adult learning
  1. Together with educational partners and some leading local and international companies based in the Maltese islands, ICE Malta will continue to dedicate a substantial part of their marketing budget to communicate the value and benefits of life long learning with a particular focus on employees working in various sectors who are interested in starting their ‘personal development programme’ and furthering their studies in a variety of areas. The institute has launched a Corporate ICT Training Unit which is designing training opportunities together with local and international businesses and their respective HR Department in the Maltese islands.

‘We are eager to ensure that ICE Malta students enjoy a unique study experience and will continue to design opportunities to make sure that our local talent are given the opportunity to achieve their career aspirations. We believe that all stakeholders as well as educational entities should consider the educational strategy launched as a guideline so a collective effort is made to reach our island’s objectives’  ICE Malta director Matthew Sammut commented.

The Framework Strategy may be viewed HERE

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