It’s time for an ICE Malta Cadbury break!
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ICE Malta’s February 2014 Semester students are all invited for a ten minute Cadbury break during their next class. ICE Malta’s Student Relations Executive and the team, will meet students for a friendly chat and learn more about their career aspirations, what they’d like to accomplish after their study time at ICE Malta and to make sure that they’re happy with the unique study experience being given. ‘This has now become an ICE Malta tradition. Every semester our team meets students shares upcoming news, competitions, events and listens to our students. While the institute continues to grow at a rapid pace we are committed to make sure that our students remain our ultimate priority, truly the heart of our school. These casual Cadbury breaks help us get a true picture of the study experience we are offering and keep us close to our students. Special thanks to Cadbury for their support’ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Director explained.

The ICE Malta team, educators and students will be sharing their favourite Cadbury break photos on the institute’s social media pages. ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead.

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