Venue for Malta’s Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp revealed.

Following the successful launch of ICE Malta’s new educational partners in the Maltese islands, The Digital Marketing Institute, the ICE Malta team is confirming enrolments for the island’s first Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp scheduled between the 17th and 21st of March 2014.

‘We would like to thank prospective students who have enroled for the Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp following yesterday’s media launch. The feedback we are receiving is extremely positive and our Admissions team are working round the clock to meet prospective students and assist in the enrolment process and answer all course content questions. Furthermore our corporate team are handling all requests from local and international companies who would like to recommend this study programme for members of their marketing teams. We’re pleased to share news regarding our selected venue for this study programme. Together with The Digital Marketing Institute team we have chosen Hilton Malta for the first full time March bootcamp. We believe that the quality standards of this five star hotel match the study experience this diploma offers and is a perfect match for this intensive course’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained.

The first Diploma in Digital Marketing fulltime bootcamp will give thirty marketing & social media enthusiasts the opportunity to be one of the island’s first thirty diploma graduates. The study programme includes ten modules delivered by three international practitioners, all accredited by The Digital Marketing Institute, who will be visiting the island’s for the modules they specialize in. Students will be invited to sit for computer based exams within 6 months of course completion. Apart from the worldwide recognised certification, the selected educators, the course material and the prestige of being of the island’s first to successfully complete this study path, Malta’s thirty students will be able to enjoy learning in one of the island’s most beautiful venues.

‘We are renowned for giving students a unique study experience and this is what we will continue to incorporate in all the study opportunities our educational partners present. We encourage students who are thinking of embarking on this full time study programme to visit ICE Malta or get in touch with the Admissions team to learn more about this distinctive opportunity.’ 

Prospective students are requested to send an email to [email protected] or call 21467787 for further details.

ICE Malta, proud partners of the world’s Digital Marketing Institute. 

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Hilton Malta, The Venue for Malta’s Diploma in Digital Marketing Full-Time bootcamp