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Are you one of Malta’s nextcreatives? Briefing Session details announced

nextcreatives, Malta’s first and biggest national code & design competition giving local talent the opportunity to win more than 60,000euros worth of MySuccess scholarship programmes. The ICE Malta team will be hosting a Briefing Session to ensure that prospective participants understand the competition process including submission regulations, voting, judges, the prizes and the potential of this initiative.…



Your chance to win a 2000euro design or code study programme. nextcreatives launched!

ICE Malta, is proud to present Malta’s first national code & design competition entitled nextcreatives. Local talent based in the Maltese islands now have the opportunity to participate in this annual competition with the chance of winning more than 60,000euros worth of design & code scholarships. Some months back, Malta’s Minister for Education and Employment…



Diploma in Digital Marketing Part Time Study Programme now launched

An overwhelming amount of students have enroled for the ICE Malta October 2014 Semester so much so that the ICE Malta Academic team have launched additional classes for Cisco IT Essentials, Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching and have now launched the Diploma in Digital Marketing EQF Level 5 Part Time Study Programme. ‘The latest EU…



‘Your IT Career starts with Cisco’ Briefing Session announced

Following the tremendous success achieved by the ICE Malta Cisco students in this year’s edition of Cisco NetRiders 2014 where our national champions competed with more than 100,000 students from all over the globe and placed in Europe’s Top 25 winners list, the ICE Malta Academic team have launched an ICE Malta Briefing Session dedicated…


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A brand video celebrating the ‘ICE Malta Study Experience’

The ICE Malta Creative Team has launched a brand video and a dedicated website page to celebrate the newly ISO certified Study Experience designed exclusively for ICE Malta students. The study experience which has been awarded the prestigious international quality certification ISO 9001:2008 includes seven features which give local and international students enroled at ICE…



ICE Malta’s Briefing Session – Study what you love

The ICE Malta Academic team will be dedicating the last October Briefing Session to some of the most popular study programmes. ‘During these last weeks we’ve welcomed prospective students to ICE Malta for Briefing Sessions and we’ve introduced them to industry leaders, shared the importance of worldwide recognised certifications and designed study paths leading to…



ICE Malta selected host institute for ‘Autodesk Open Doors 2014’

ICE Malta has been selected as the official Autodesk host institute for this year’s edition of ‘Autodesk Open Doors’ which will be celebrated on Friday 14th November 2014. During this special day dedicated to Autodesk examinations, ICE Malta will be giving all local and international students based in the Maltese islands a preferred price (10% discount) on…


ICE Malta Challenge

The ICE Malta Challenge. Here’s your chance to WIN!

Just days before the launch of the Konnekt Malta eSports Festival, ICE Malta in collaboration with gamers.com.mt have launched an arcade game to celebrate this year’s edition. ‘The ICE Malta Challenge is our way of celebrating yet another successful academic year and officially launching a countdown for this year’s eSports Festival where ICE Malta will…


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ICE Malta awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification

As part of ICE Malta’s constant commitment to provide a unique study experience at an excellent quality level, during these last semesters the ICE Malta team has been working towards achieving the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certification. The management are pleased to confirm that the ICE Malta Study Experience is now an ISO 9001:2008…


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All of Malta’s Cisco national finalists are in Europe’s top 25 winners list.

The Cisco Networking Academy has just announced that all three ICE Malta students, Christopher Demicoli, Luke Farrugia and Sarah Tabone have placed in the top 25 European winners list – positioning all three candidates as true worldwide Cisco talent.  Malta’s national finalists competed with more than 10,000 Cisco students from all over the world and…