Why Microsoft Project is the course you need.

ICE Malta’s Day TimeTable has been designed for local and international companies based in the Maltese islands who want to invest in their greatest resource – their people. The April 2014 Semester includes worldwide recognised certifications which will make local talent efficient at their work place, more focused, motivated and therefore will increase company profitability. Microsoft Project 2010 has been included in the April Day Timetable. Here are the reasons why Microsoft Project is about to become your new best friend.


  • You’ll be able to forecast your project better and prevent last-minute surprises. When forecast models don’t meet required deadlines, you can take corrective actions to resolve critical project tasks from a time-required, expense and staffing perspective.
  • You’ll save time as the project manager.  In a three-month project, you could save as much as 56 hours of scheduling effort if you schedule your project in Microsoft Project.
  • You’ll be a more effective project manager. If you’ve accurately established all relationships between tasks, you’ll find many parallel paths of relationships in your schedule. Only one of those parallel paths determines the duration of your project, the “Critical Path.” Using concepts like Critical Path will make you a more effective project manager. You’ll know at any time which tasks can cause slippage and which can’t.
  • You can prove you’re overloaded with work. If you have too many tasks or projects on your plate, you can use your forecast schedule to prove this to decision makers. Once your business-unit leaders acknowledge there’s a workload problem, you can use Microsoft Project 2010 as a tool to make your workload reasonable again. The dynamic model helps you quickly develop what-if scenarios.
  • You’ll get better at estimating. Because you can easily keep your schedule up-to-date in Microsoft Project, you’ll be able to compare which estimates were too low and which ones were too high. You’ll become better at the difficult job of estimating and get a firmer grip on your future.

In a nutshell, you’ll spend less time with Microsoft Project than you will with Excel. You’ll also increase your chance for project success.

What’s the next step? ICE Malta’s Day Course starting Thursday 3rd April (Tuesday & Thursday) between 2pm and 4pm. More HERE.

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