Love photography & the Maltese islands? WIN!

ICE Malta Photography students and social media friends are encouraged to participate in Malta’s Ministry for Tourism photo competition entitled ‘A perspective of the Maltese Islands through Photography’.  ‘As part of the ICE Malta Study Experience we constantly encourage and design initiatives to help students build their portfolio and show-reels, which is essential for any…

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A multi-talented marketing consultant and only twenty years old. Reconnecting with Matthias.

Freelance marketing consultant, photographer and Tourism Studies student; Matthias Buttigieg may only be 20, but since completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Photography and Photo Manipulation course, he’s been busy building an impressive portfolio of work experience both locally and internationally. Here’s what he’s been up to. Since we last spoke, you’ve moved…


Building broader and diving deeper with advanced learning after university. Meet Neil.

Neil Farrugia’s enthusiasm for digital marketing was fired up during his university degree and he found himself hungry for further practical learning opportunities. Recognising the advantage of nurturing a diverse skill set, he threw himself into online live learning with the Graphic Designer Associate course and the Photography & Photo Manipulation Techniques Course, before taking…

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Digital marketing for social and civic causes. Meet Nicole.

Nicole Park graduated from MCAST with qualifications in Art & Design, 3D Design & Interiors, and a B.A.(Hons) in Photography. Finding herself intrigued by digital marketing, she enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and boosted her new career with the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD). Her impressive portfolio of…

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The fashion designer with Adobe skills. Meet Gabrielle.

When Gabrielle Fenech started her eponymous fashion label Gabrielle, she had never-ending opportunities to be as creative as she wanted. When she realised she could maximise her impact, gain more creative freedom & speed up her work, she decided to gain graphic design skills. This is her story. You created a fashion label. Tell us…

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The designer who became a unicorn. Meet Chantelle.

The best designers are unicorns, rare breeds with broad multidisciplinary knowledge and highly evolved combinations of skills and talents. LeoVegas’ Graphic Designer Chantelle Buttigieg leapt into the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course to position herself as a leading talent with a combination of graphic design, motion graphics, photography, and a new set of cutting-edge digital…

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Why talent working in the Arts Sector need to gain design skills. Meet Brendon.

Brendon Joseph Thearle is the co-founder of a theatre collective and is also heavily involved in videography and marketing. He is a very vibrant talent who enrolled for the Graphic Designer Associate Course so that he could learn how to use Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign to be able to independently produce great design work. This…


The best way to master Adobe’s design tools. Meet Clare.

Clare works in the financial industry however her day-time career doesn’t define her. She’s also a passionate photographer, an enthusiastic learner, and a talented creative who is on the constant lookout to gain new skills, learn new things, and elevate herself into a stronger and more diverse talent. She shares how enrolling for the Graphic…


Digital marketing skills to build ClubHouse Europe. Meet Matthias.

18-year-old Matthias Buttigieg enrolled for the Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp because he wanted to build massive momentum for ClubHouse Europe and gain these crucial in-demand industry skills before kicking off his learning journey at the University of Malta. This budding entrepreneur has big dreams, loves world-class learning, and is one to watch. This is…