The best way to master Adobe’s design tools. Meet Clare.

Clare works in the financial industry however her day-time career doesn’t define her. She’s also a passionate photographer, an enthusiastic learner, and a talented creative who is on the constant lookout to gain new skills, learn new things, and elevate herself into a stronger and more diverse talent. She shares how enrolling for the Graphic Designer Associate has helped her to reach new levels of photography success and why practical learning is vital. This is her story.

What triggered you to enrol for the Graphic Designer Associate course?
From the beginning of my learning journey, my goal was to continue to learn new things and expand my knowledge for both personal and professional reasons. My sister enrolled for the Graphic Designer Associate course first and encouraged me to take her lead so I quickly decided to take the challenge and roll up my sleeves for some design fun. I am also a photographer and I knew that mastering Adobe’s tools would help me level up.
Did you have any previous graphic design experience or were you an absolute beginner?

I have a strong background in Photoshop as I have used it to retouch and enhance photos for the last decade however, I had only used Illustrator and InDesign a few times.

Why is it important for talent to gain industry skills across different areas?
When you’re employed full-time you are only growing in that particular industry within the institution, but life is more than that. The question one must ask is how do you make the most of your time outside of work hours? I choose to do different things that add value to my life and make me happy. Whatever skills you dedicate time to, learning will open your mind to new opportunities, ways of finding joy in your time and with some focus, you can turn this into ways of earning extra income. Skills learned from whatever you do, tend to be transferrable between areas of your life, be it dealing with people, managing your money, prioritising tasks, and seeing the same thing from different angles. A growth mindset brings happiness, and happiness brings performance.
What part of the study experience did you enjoy the most?
My goal for enrolling was to learn the tools fast so I can start executing quicker. As lectures progressed I felt my confidence growing with the software. At the end of each session, I felt that I was getting closer to my goal, and that was the most rewarding aspect of the whole experience. Being taught by an industry expert is definitely a big plus.
Why is practical learning essential to be able to master Adobe’s InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator tools?
The tools are extensive in their capabilities and you could very easily get overwhelmed if you don’t know where to start. Learning to use the tools step by step from an industry expert has the added benefit of being time-effective because of the logical buildup through practicing and asking questions. The three tools go hand-in-hand for any of your projects so learning them consistently together can help you reach new heights. In the end, Adobe’s tools will help you elevate your level of creativity.
What is your message to other top talent who haven’t invested in their learning journey for a while?
Reaching higher requires commitment. You can learn any new skills whatever age you are, in whatever industry you pursue, and whatever lifestyle you follow. Learning is a small investment that has huge rewards if you decide to pursue it. Keep your mind open and always be curious.
Clare’s love for world-class learning and her commitment to developing her skills to elevate her creativity is admirable and we are so proud that this alumni has selected ICE Malta as her learning partner of choice. We are excited to see how she will apply her design skills to new projects and are eager to continue to celebrate her success.


Learning to use the tools step by step from an industry expert has the added benefit of being time-effective because of the logical buildup through practicing and asking questions.