Top Alumni Stories for 2020.

More than any other year, students who opted to dive-into world-class learning to be able to adapt swiftly and progress steadily deserve to be celebrated. These 6 students have shown determination, drive and continue to prove that the sky is the limit for talent who dream of leaving their mark.

Julia Tabone
Deloitte Malta
The HR Professional who understood the power of digital marketing.
Julia knew that to continue to progress in the world of HR faster and at the top of her league, she needed to gain the in-demand digital marketing skills to be able to attract, retain and hunt top talent so that’s what she did. Julia achieved her Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and continues to climb the career ladder at the prestigious brand Deloitte at a steady pace.
👉 Digital marketing skills have become crucial for all professionals, across all industries. Consider the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing a must-enroll course for 2021.

Ally Stivala
Lovin Malta
Knowing how to code is fundamental.
Go-getter Ally was determined to learn HTML & CSS during the Website Designer Associate course because she knew that these skills have become fundamental and give you the freedom to take charge of your own digital projects, the insight to make website updates without having to rely on third parties, the ability to communicate more effectively with your team-mates and the opportunity to take your creativity to the next level of greatness.
👉 HTML & CSS are the new ABCs of the 21st century and have become must-skills that should be included on any CV.

Stephen Borg
From the heavy machine industry to the MFSA offices.
After a rewarding decade working at the Malta Freeport, Stephen decided that being a part of the ICT arena was his next goal so he enrolled for back-to-back tech learning and gained MCSA, CCNA & LPIC-1 certifications to gain practical in-demand industry skills and moved to MFSA to start his new career journey.
👉 This career switch story should inspire anyone to believe that it’s never too late to start a new chapter, move out of your comfort zone and score new goals.

Jacqueline Borg
The coding skills top teams are gaining to keep ahead.
The greatest brands employ talent who integrate learning in their lifestyle – individuals who are hungry to continue to gain the in-demand skills to elevate their own career and take the company they represent to the next level of greatness. When Jacqueline and her team at LeoVegas decided that Python was a language they need to learn, they turned to world-class learning to level-up.
👉 The secret to remaining at the top of your game is to integrate learning as part of your lifestyle. Great brands employ talent who chose world-class learning.

Myriah Abela
Betsson Group
GDPR excellence for the iGaming industry.
For Betsson’s Data Privacy Specialist Myriah, gaining crucial GDPR Professional insight, knowledge and skills was vital to be able to build the career momentum within the iGaming industry that she had planned. She chose to ace the world’s gold standard of GDPR learning online and continues to excel in one of the most dynamic heavily regulated and fast-paced industries of our time.
👉 Whether in-class or online, world-class learning gives talent the opportunity to keep ahead and gain the in-demand skills to progress in any industry.

Diana Virag
From student, to intern to a full-time junior designer.
As soon as Diana completed the Graphic Designer Associate course, she scored a design internship at Raketech. Months later she was offered a full-time position at this fast-growing online affiliate and content marketing company. She proves that when your mind is set and you choose world-class learning, then you will become a force like no other.
👉 Designing a learning path aligned to your career goals is an important step and this is why we encourage talent to schedule a one-to-one consultation with our academic team before diving into world-class learning.

Our students’ success stories are proof that we’ve taken world-class learning to a whole new level of excellence in 2020. Our shift to online live learning during this year has been another incredible milestone for the education arena and we are committed to giving everyone, across all industries the opportunity to gain the in-demand skills to score great careers, progress fast in their selected path, or launch their own successful start-up.

Set your goals, enjoy the experience.