Striving to achieve GDPR excellence for the Betsson Group. Meet Myriah.

Betsson Group’s Data Privacy Specialist Myriah Abela opted to dive into online world-class learning because she had the discipline, determination and drive to achieve the CIPP/E and CIPM certifications which are considered to be the world’s gold standard of GDPR Ready Professional learning. This is her story.

How long have you been working at Betsson?
Although I am not new to the data privacy field, I’ve been working as Data Privacy Specialist at Betsson for the past nine months now.
What motivated you to enrol for GDPR Ready Professional bootcamp?
As a privacy professional my main objective is to find the right approach to make data protection a business enabler, rather than a business blocker. This is why I chose to pursue the CIPP/E and CIPM certifications which are designed to put theory in practice.
What did you like most about your study experience?
I enjoyed the flexibility of learning at my own pace. The course offered a thorough insight into both the European regulation as well as the US federal and state privacy laws. This broad understanding of the different global regimes has benefited me greatly in the industry I am working in, which operates in different jurisdictions around the world.
How has GDPR affected the iGaming industry?
With the new regulation coming into force, undoubtedly more standardization has been brought in the area of data protection. This enables operators to adopt a more harmonized approach across the different markets in which they operate. Nevertheless, the gaming industry continues to face a number of daily challenges which the law does not address. This is a heavily regulated sector, which means that operators are subject to conflicting obligations in other areas which they must adhere to, including AML/CFT laws and fraud prevention. GDPR has inspired a significant shift in the mindset of how organisations operate. Entities are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of non‑compliance, which may not only impact operations but also result in hefty fines and reputational harm.
You’re a Data Privacy Specialist, what’s a typical day at work like?

One can say this role is multi-faceted and no two days are alike. The privacy specialist must work with all core business operations dealing with personal data of both customers and employees. With compliance becoming a major actor in business strategy, the privacy specialist is involved in the entire lifecycle of a project, from the early stages of project development till the end, to advise on how to integrate all data privacy principles and requirements within each process/system at the design stage (e.g. new marketing initiatives, procurement of third parties or systems, drafting of data processing agreements, conducting impact assessments). This role also has a customer-facing element when it comes to the handling of data subject requests. The GDPR challenges the way organizations have operated thus far and pushes for a new ‘privacy aware’ culture – this is where organisation-wide training and awareness comes in.

What’s your next learning goal?
I am always on the lookout for learning opportunities which will help develop my cross-functional skills. The privacy specialist has to be multiskilled and fully aware of the industry s/he works in (including the challenges faced by it), enabling one to understand multiple viewpoints.
Myriah has integrated learning in her lifestyle and continues to progress swiftly in one of the most dynamic heavily regulated and fast-paced industries of our time. The future is bright for this brilliant talent and we can’t wait to continue to be by her side to celebrate her next career success.

I really enjoyed the flexibility of learning at my own pace.
MYRIAH ABELAData Privacy Specialist

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