Why enrolling in LPIC-1 ‘Online Live’ is a great idea. Meet Andrew.

Since his graduation from the University of Malta, Computer Engineering talent Andrew Fiorentino has been building his career path steadily. He understood that to advance swiftly in the tech world, in-demand industry certifications such as LPIC-1 are vital. He enrolled for Online Live learning during the pandemic and has now secured his spot at High 5 Games as a Tier 1 Support Specialist. This is his story.

What was online live learning like?
No travel means less time commuting and better time-management of day-to-day tasks, handling work, and attending online live classes. When you commit to online live learning you enjoy an experience identical as if you were to attend in person.  You can ask questions, talk to your instructor before, during, and after class, complete the exercises live, take part in class discussions and you are also given access to your lesson for a full 7-days – this means that you can replay the course content as many times as you like.
Why did you choose LPIC-1 as your next step in your learning journey?

LPIC-1 helps you establish your competencies for many Linux-related functions. It shows your value to a potential employer, portrays that you understand the importance of continuous learning as well as highlights the fact that you have gained industry skills that are crucial for the efficiency of a tech team operating in any brand, across any industry.

What part of the study experience did you find to be the most effective?
The fact that you can learn from anywhere and just switch on to attend your class a few minutes before it’s scheduled is great. Also, as the course is hands-on you get to practice live while the instructor demonstrates – this makes learning easier.
What has your career shift to the iGaming industry been like?
The main reason why the iGaming industry is so attractive is that there are so many advancement opportunities. There are plenty of chances and ways you can work your way up the ladder and with those upward shifts in your career, you can also expect your salary to increase. Talent, commitment, and potential are often rewarded over years of experience. Also, you can expect to work in a team with enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues from all over the world as well as learn new skills which keep you motivated.
What’s next in your learning journey?
LPIC-1 opened several branches in the IT industry so I have quite a few options. As a Linux enthusiast, I would say that an LPIC-2 is a great next step as it will allow me to reinforce my knowledge and continue to build on my learnings gained at the University of Malta and ICE Malta. I’m also considering learning Cloud – this is an ever-growing sector and complements my Linux learnings well.
What’s your advice for tech talent?
If you make it a goal to never stop learning then your career path is a series of new exciting starts that make you wiser and stronger each time.
The sky’s the limit for this ICE Malta student who has embraced Online Live learning and will continue to gain more industry skills which will strengthen his position as a leading player in the tech arena. More career milestones will be celebrated by this alumni in months and years to come and we will be right by his side cheering him on throughout his learning journey.


When you commit to online live learning you enjoy an experience identical as if you were to attend in person.

ANDREW FIORENTINOTier 1 Support Specialist