The Certiport Adobe Certified Associate World Championships

Participation in local and international competition is an essential part of the ISO 9001: 2008 ICE Malta Study Experience. During each academic year ICE Malta launches a number of prestigious local competitions such as Malta’s nextcreatives as well as encourages students to participate in international competitions such as Cisco’s NetRiders‘During the last academic year we’ve welcomed hundreds of students to ICE Malta for worldwide recognised design study paths such as the MySuccess Graphic Designer (an MQF Level 5 Award titled ‘VET Award for Graphic Design Associate with Adobe Creative Suite’) which gives students the practical skills and certification to be considered as for career opportunities in the design sector. We are proud to be the first institute in the Maltese islands to promote the Certiport Adobe Certified Associate World Championships and encourage local talent to enrol for ICE Malta’s selection of design study programmes leading to Adobe certifications so they will have the opportunity to participate in this prestigious international competition in the years to come’ Nikolai Sammut, Director of ICE Malta explained.

The Certiport Adobe Certified Associate World Championship is a global competition that identifies and recognizes the next generation of design professionals using Adobe® design software. Every year the World Championship Round, brings together all Regional Champions to compete in the final design challenge. During the competition, participants are given instructions, project requirements, and assets to complete a real–world design challenge. Students will use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign (or their chosen combination of the three) to complete the design challenge.

We are looking forward to Malta’s participation in the Adobe World Championships. Youth from Malta are showing extraordinary results in competitions around the world and this is why we are happy to welcome Malta in this international prestigious competition. We believe that young creative people who enrol for ICE Malta study programmes achieve the skills required to be able to embark on the Adobe World Championships challenge and achieve great results‘ Hristina Kerkez, Business Development Manager of CertiAdria, the authorized partner for Certiport in the Adriatric Region.

More information about the Certiport Adobe Certified Associate World Championships may be viewed HERE. Students who would like to learn more about this competition are invited to send an email to [email protected] or call 21467787 for more details.

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