All of Malta’s Cisco national finalists are in Europe’s top 25 winners list.

The Cisco Networking Academy has just announced that all three ICE Malta students, Christopher Demicoli, Luke Farrugia and Sarah Tabone have placed in the top 25 European winners list – positioning all three candidates as true worldwide Cisco talent.  Malta’s national finalists competed with more than 10,000 Cisco students from all over the world and have achieved the best combined results for our islands to date.

‘These are incredible results for our students, ICE Malta and of course for the Maltese islands. We’ve exceeded expectations and are thrilled to see that all three of our national finalists have placed in the top 25 European winners list. Christopher is Europe’s overall second place winner while Luke placed 10th and Sarah 24th. We’d like to congratulate our students and our Cisco educators for their determination, hard work and commitment. This truly is another very proud moment for the ICE Malta team.’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta shared.

The Official Cisco NetRiders 2014 results may be viewed HERE

The ICE Malta team would like to congratulate Christopher, Luke and Sarah for achieving such merited results. Further details will be published in the coming days.