ICE Malta leaves its mark at this year’s FHRD Conference.

This year’s FHRD Conference is going to be an exceptional launch-pad for ICE Malta’s latest industry-driven initiative. Malta’s leading ICT Academy will be giving 40 HR Specialists a free ticket 🎟️ to attend a one day digital marketing bootcamp designed exclusively for them to gain the industry skills which will help them hunt, attract and retain top talent.

During these last years, ICE Malta has comfortably positioned itself as the bridge between the industry and the world of learning. Our Syllabus Advisory Council consults with leading industry players to ensure that worldwide recognised study programmes are in-line with the skills that top brands demand. We’re proud to be the ones leading this crucial agenda.

During this year’s FHRD Conference titled ‘Talent Management – Mastering the Challenge’ which will be held on Friday 19th October 2018 at Hilton, Malta, ICE Malta’s Corporate Team will be meeting individuals who work in HR, training and talent management to share a 365° view of this bootcamp. HR Specialists will then be invited to register to secure their ticket for the bootcamp which is scheduled for Friday 18th January 2019.
ICE Malta has recently shared that LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends reports all confirm that the finest talent acquisition decision makers need digital marketing to grow employer awareness, attract and retain top talent as well as build the perception of their brand. This digital marketing bootcamp is the perfect solution to ensure that anyone working in HR masters digital marketing skills.

Send us your details and we’ll tell you all about this bootcamp too.