World-class learning makes everything possible. Reconnecting with Mario.

Over the years, Mario Baldacchino has inspired thousands of individuals to take charge of their careers and achieve their greatest goals. He will remain one of our most influential alumni who had the grit, determination, and dreams to move from a factory job to a super career at GiG. World-class learning remains an important part of this talent’s journey and his latest news will surely motivate you to take his lead. This is his story.

Can you share an update about your career progression?
Yes, these last years have been extremely rewarding. In 2020, I scored another promotion at GiG and progressed from a Junior DevOps to a DevOps Engineer.
You recently completed MCSA Windows Server 2016 together with your team – what part of the study experience did you enjoy the most?

This was a different experience as we were learning together as a team which was a wonderful opportunity. Our lessons were delivered at GiG Beach and after the COVID-19 pandemic struck we shifted to an online live delivery which was just as great as the classroom. As usual, ICE Malta’s tutors are top.

Does the fact that you were sponsored affect your performance at work in any way?

Honestly, it is such a great feeling to know that the company you work for believes in you and wants to invest in you to upskill and progress. When brands invest in their people they ignite brand loyalty and ultimately trigger better results for everyone.

What is working in the iGaming industry like?
Working in this dynamic industry has been wonderful. Apart from meeting different people with completely different insight, experience and knowledge, it’s wonderful to work with talent who give you constant support, feedback, encouragement as well as recognition for your work. Also, working in this industry challenges you to constantly learn more and develop new skills and that is extremely rewarding.
What is your learning goal for 2021?
My learning goal for 2021 is to focus on technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and, Openshift and master these skills so that I can continue to progress.
Your message to individuals who want to make a career change but don’t know where to start?
My advice is that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true, to take charge of your career, and to start doing what you love. Persistence is key. I know that it’s hard to make a change especially if you’ve been in the same line of work for years, I had been working in a factory for 14 years before I invested in my learning journey so I do understand, however, if you have the determination, you are ready to make the commitment and choose ICE Malta to be by your side, anything is possible.
The fact that Mario continues to generously share his learning journey with us all shows how this very humble talent wants others to succeed in the same way that he did. We are extremely proud of him and will continue to cheer him on as he achieves even greater milestones. World-class learning is what you need to drive your career in the direction of your dreams. This year, take charge.

After the COVID-19 pandemic struck we shifted to an online live delivery which was just as great as the classroom. As usual, ICE Malta’s tutors are top.