Digital marketing skills to drive your own career. Meet Julia.

UI/UX Project Coordinator at Arringo Julia Azzopardi knew that the only way to take charge of her career and move forward faster was to gain the digital marketing skills that would lead her to her next milestone, that’s why she enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course. This is her story.

What has your career journey been like so far?

Enrolling in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course with ICE Malta landed me my first job in Marketing. Fast forward to today and I’m now working with Arringo as a UI/UX Project Coordinator, which is my third role within the company in under 2 years. Being the only one in the UX team with a solid digital marketing skillset for a company with a vast portfolio of clients, has proved to be quite challenging, however, it has taught me to be organized, adaptable, and ready to embrace big challenges.

Why did you enrol in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course?
After being a part of the Fashion and Retail industry for a while and working so closely with the Marketing and Sales teams, I grew a massive interest in marketing and strategy which led me to enrol for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. I’ve always enjoyed developing new skills and making sure that I have the insight and knowledge to position myself as a top talent – thanks to this course my personal goal to pursue a career in marketing kicked off and I’m really enjoying the journey.
What has learning taught you about yourself and your goals?
I believe that we can never stop learning. Regardless of how long we stay in one role, learning is an essential part of a creative’s development and success. It opens so many doors and gives us the opportunity to truly build a career based on our passions.
What did you like best about the online live study experience?

I enjoyed every part of it, but I especially liked the learning tools available through the DMI system which greatly enriched my learning experience. Thanks to the recordings that were available, I was also able to catch up on any lessons I wasn’t able to attend live, which helped me manage my work-life balance. The tutors were very nice and supportive, and the ICE Malta team was also very helpful and well organized.

What’s next for you?

I consider myself to be a task-oriented individual, and apart from my work goals, I also set myself some personal goals. At the top of my list, is to introduce myself to new design software and opportunities, and further develop my skills in Graphical and Website Design with the aim of moving completely freelance.

Your message to talent who are looking to make a career change or start something new.
Don’t be afraid. Always have clear goals and make sure to listen to your feelings and what you want. It’s never too late to make a change if that means you’ll be happier in the long run, and investing in your learning and gaining new in-demand industry skills will give you the career freedom that you deserve.
Julia has the energy and attitude of a winner. She is an ambitious go-getter who has a clear vision of what direction she wants to drive her career in and we hope that her story will inspire talent to take charge of their future and gain the in-demand industry skills which will get them closer to their goals faster. We are sure that we’ll be welcoming Julia back for more world-class learning & we’re proud that she’s chosen ICE Malta as her learning partner.


Enrolling in ICE Malta’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course helped me land my first job in marketing.

JULIA AZZOPARDIUI/UX Project Coordinator