From customer service starter to digital marketing talent. Meet Matthew.

Now Marketing Associate at Malta International Airport, Matthew Hamilton has travelled far in his career journey. When he landed his job as a Customer Service Assistant, he knew he was going to give all his best to work in the field he loves – marketing. Thanks to his drive and motivation, he worked his way up to becoming a Marketing Associate and embarked on the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing through which he gained valuable skills – so much so that the company was keen to invest in his talent by sponsoring his Graphic Designer Associate course. Onwards and upwards!

Why did you enrol for the Diploma in Digital Marketing course?

Marketing is my passion as well as the academic path I started from. When I joined Malta International Airport as a customer service representative, I knew that I was in the right place to pursue my dream of working in marketing. So I decided to take up the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing at ICE Malta to expand my knowledge in the field and apply it to my job.

From customer service to marketing associate – what has working in aviation been like for you?
Aviation can be a very dynamic and ever-evolving industry. As someone who is always up for a challenge, I found in aviation the perfect industry to gain experience in a variety of settings and areas. I started off in customer service and saw the opportunity to make a move into marketing. I became a Marketing Assistant, and the course gave me the practical tools and skills to take charge in my daily work in my new role of a Marketing Associate.
How have your digital marketing skills helped you become a stronger talent at Malta International Airport?
As a Marketing Associate, amongst other duties, I assist in managing campaigns that drive footfall to the airport. The knowledge and skills that I gained through the course in Google Analytics, SEO, Google Ads and more, have enabled me to convey the right messages to our audiences. The use of various behaviour analytics tools and the correct implementation of targeted ads now allow me to bring better results on a day-to-day basis.
What did you like best about your online live study experience?

During my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, I loved the fact that I could study at my own pace, especially during COVID-19 times, because it enabled me to broaden my studies and get the certification I wanted while having the chance to put all my key learnings into practice. The fact that I had the 7-day playback feature enabled me to catch up and take additional notes to revise before my exams. Also, the course itself offers in-depth information and practical tutorials.

How did you prepare for your exam?

Given that I prefer a practical approach to study, my preparation for the exam was focused on diving into each subject by following all the explanatory videos and tutorials provided by ICE Malta. I enjoyed testing my knowledge by taking the practical quizzes and mock tests which were also made available during the Digital Marketing Course.

What’s next for you?
I always seek ways to develop my knowledge and skills, that’s why I have various projects in the pipeline. I have completed the Digital Marketing Course and more recently I decided to cross-skill with the MySuccess Graphic Design course, kindly sponsored by my company who believed in my potential. I am now looking forward to starting ICE Malta’s Video Editing course too so that I can master both the strategic and creative side of digital marketing.
A message to talent who want to grow their career or start something new?
As long as you have passion for what you are doing, keep pushing towards achieving your goals – nothing or no one should stand in your way! Constantly strive to improve your skills in the areas you wish to discover.
Matthew’s story shows that if you learn a solid set of practical skills, you can become the digital marketing talent that companies love to invest in, and steer your career in the direction you really want. We can’t wait to welcome him back to ICE Malta for his Video Editing course and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him.


The course gave me the practical tools and skills to take charge in my new role as a Marketing Associate.

MATTHEW HAMILTONMarketing Associate