All the right skills for a new start. Meet Marcus.

With a Bachelors in Marketing and Economics, Marcus Sammut wanted to set himself apart in his job hunt with solid and practical skills. Whilst gaining work experience in different fields, he enrolled in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and Graphic Designer Associate Course, and within weeks of getting his certifications he landed an exciting role at Xara Collection. This is his story.

From graduate to career-ready. Which skills did you gain and why?

Four years ago, I graduated in marketing and economics at the University of Malta. I strongly believe that practical skills can empower you and help you stand out from the crowd, so I gained varied work experience, from letting to social media.

When I decided that marketing was definitely my path, I decided to experience the hands-on side of it by enrolling in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Following a great study experience at ICE Malta, and since many digital marketing vacancies require graphic design skills, I also chose to take the Graphic Designer Associate Course.

How have new skills helped your job search?

The complete understanding I gained of all digital marketing areas and techniques through the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing shifted my outlook from theoretical to work-ready.

I was totally new to Graphic Design, so the course was a true game-changer for me. It set me apart from the competition by enabling me to learn how to use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. And what’s even better, since I took the graphic Designer Associate course, I managed to land a full-time job as a Marketing Assistant at Xara Collection!

How was your learning experience?

So good that it motivated me to get my certifications right away! I had never used any of the Adobe tools that I became proficient in, so I was a bit intimidated at first, but my Graphic Design educator supported me throughout my studies. Not only did I manage to build portfolio-worthy work thanks to her, but I had the option to receive her support up until 6 months after I took the course.

I found Online Live learning a great option since it enabled me to save time while still getting the live interaction of a class environment. Lesson recordings helped me revise as much as I needed to.

What’s next for you?

I’m loving my current role at Xara Collection where I can apply both my digital marketing and graphic design knowledge, from designing outdoor display posters, brochures and flyers to crafting email campaigns and managing websites. I plan on gaining more experience and levelling up in my marketing career.

What’s a message for talent who wish to start their marketing career?

My advice would be — never be intimidated to learn a new skill! At ICE Malta you’ll find very helpful educators ready to handhold you through the learning process and make sure that you understand and digest every little bit of information.

Marcus’ story shows that practical skills can complement academic achievements perfectly to gain a strong competitive advantage and start a marketing career. Topping off digital marketing with graphic design enabled Marcus to get where he wanted to — and we wish him all the best!


I was new to graphic design, so the course was a game changer for me. It set me apart from the competition.

MARCUS SAMMUTMarketing Assistant