Your Classroom. Their Future 3 now launched

ICE Malta in collaboration with the Ministry for Education & Employment, the One Tablet per Child Pilot Project, MUT, MCA and University of Malta are pleased to launch the third edition of the conference dedicated to educators and B.Ed students ‘Your Classroom. Their Future’ which will be held on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 between 10.00am and 1.00pm

As anticipated, this edition of the conference is dedicated to the ‘One Tablet Per Child Pilot Project’ recently launched in the Maltese islands and will focus on sharing information with educators and B.Ed students and keeping them up to date with all that has been planned, confirmed and implemented in the coming weeks. A number of workshops will give educators the chance to get first hand practical examples of how to use the tablet during lessons including Maths, Computer and Languages. Guests will be invited to share their thoughts, ideas and bring forward recommendations.

Following consultation with the Malta Communications Authority, the ICE Malta team are also pleased to announce that a workshop dedicated to what educators should consider when using social media sites has also been confirmed. ‘We have received suggestions from a number of educators with comments and reservations about social media and therefore we felit that this conference would be an ideal opportunity to share all the facts about social media – how it can be used positively, how it can be controlled and what should be avoided. Special thanks to the Malta Communications Authority for their assistance on this workshop’ Keith Vassallo, Director of ICE Malta explained.

During this edition of the complimentary conference, educators will be asked to submit their questions about the One Tablet Per Child during the registration process. Once again, the conference is complimentary and educators from primary, secondary schools of private, public and church schools together with B.Ed students are invited to attend. Space is limited and registration will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis. Once again, all educators joining will receive a certificate of attendance.

Your Classroom. Their Future - The 4th Edition. Registration Form

The forth edition of Your Classroom. Their Future dedicated to Malta's One Tablet per Child Pilot Project 2014.
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