Your chance to win a 2000euro design or code study programme. nextcreatives launched!

ICE Malta, is proud to present Malta’s first national code & design competition entitled nextcreatives. Local talent based in the Maltese islands now have the opportunity to participate in this annual competition with the chance of winning more than 60,000euros worth of design & code scholarships.

Some months back, Malta’s Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo stated ‘We need to create the necessary conditions for economic growth, and make sure that the education institutions provide the necessary skills for young people to meet the job standards’ As a leading institute in the Maltese islands and Malta’s only ISO certified ICT school, this continues to be ICE Malta’s ultimate goal. The ICE Malta academic team consults and works endlessly with key industry players to ensure that courses offered position local talent as star candidates for job opportunities.

‘With more than 60,000euros worth of design and code scholarships up for grabs, leading local and international brand names endorsing the competition, world recognised individuals judging and meeting contestants as well as with the backing of Malta Enterprise we are certain that this initiative is the start of a number of success stories for Malta’s local talent interested to embark on creative and code careers. Definitely another milestone for education in the Malta’s islands and for ICE Malta.’ Nikolai Sammut, Director of ICE Malta explained. 

Welcome to nextcreatives. Explore HERE.