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The goal of aligning learning to the industry has been on everyone’s agenda for years and no surprise that ICE Malta has jumped in taking the lead. This is the reason why today’s ‘Become Industry Ready’ reveal is a new milestone, it’s a celebration, it’s a testament which confirms that top industry leaders are coming together to show that at ICE Malta, learning truly is aligned to industry needs.

ICE Malta’s ‘Become Industry Ready’ campaign kicks off at Betsson. Head of Talent Aquisition Jane Dodgson shares her thoughts about the importance of industry designed learning.


The approach that ICE Malta is taking with aligning their teaching with the industry is really really important, not just to us at Betsson but to all of the iGaming operators here on the island.

👏 Wonderfully executed, perfectly said.

During the last 18 months, ICE Malta’s Academic Team has reached out to key industry players from iGaming, telecommunications, tech, retail, aviation, finance and so many more to gain crucial insight regarding upcoming technologies as well as identify talent strengths enterprises have earmarked as essential future team players. From this day forward, these leading names will be endorsing ICE Malta’s collection of worldwide study programmes.

From ICE Malta’s very humble beginnings this was the mission of the brand – to give individuals from all walks of life the opportunity to gain industry skills and worldwide recognised certifications which will fast track them to career success. ICE Malta blossomed very quickly into a leading learning player, we continue to disrupt the world of education and confidently guarantee that practical real-world learning delivered by industry practitioners is what makes learning effective and such a blast.

Become Industry-Ready too. There’s nothing stopping you, and even if your bank account isn’t in the best of states, ICE Malta has you covered yet again. You can schedule interest-free tuition fees and get 70% of your course fees back. Passion, drive, determination and a whole lots of industry learning at ICE Malta is all you need.


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