We’re 18th in the world. 1st in Malta (of course)

Yes dear curious social media friends, we take our ‘keeping you one step ahead’ promise VERY seriously. Here’s what’s happening at ICE Malta.

Now that the ICE Malta Summer Semester has officially kicked off,  our creative team is locked in the what the team have affectionately named the ‘creative ICE chambers’ and are discussing fervently, occasionally arguing, debating, scribbling away plans for the ICE Malta Christmas Giveaway 2013 campaign. The Summer campaign has been memorable, one for the books, but now, it’s time to come up with a 2013 Christmas campaign designed to end the year with a bang! 

So picture this, (just so you’ll get into the mood of it all) – while the team are in the middle of trying to come up with a ground breaking campaign firing all sorts of adjectives, concepts and slogans, our creative director gets an email alert. (He’s not even supposed to have a mobile in the chambers!), he checks discreetly. His eyes suddenly twinkle. He’s got the ‘I made an online purchase and you’re all going to love it’ look!

We can’t reveal much more at this point, understandably we must keep our social media friends intrigued, that’s what the great online marketeers preach and that’s what we’ll do –  what we can officially say is that we’re the first to make this purchase in Malta and 18th in the world, and, we’re the proud owners of this stylish wacky device just two and a half hours after it’s world launch. All of Malta will be participating in this campaign so we’re giving you all a heads up – watch this space. Our Christmas Giveaway campaign supporting Istrina will make ICT enthusiasts and social media fans proud. 

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead!