Want a promotion? Here’s how to get one.

So you’ve heard (through the grapevine) that the management is discussing a new vacancy which is right up your alley. You’re interested but you’re not sure you’re the obvious choice. You’re wondering how you can convince your boss that you’re not only brand loyal and a valuable addition to the team but you have all the credentials to position you as a star candidate for this new role. Here’s your answer.

It all boils down to selecting a candidate who:

  • Has the skills,
  • Passion to succeed and
  • Certifications to comfortably position themselves as the obvious choice.

So the more worldwide recognised practical hands on skills you develop, the longer the list of ICE Malta ICT Training programmes you enrol for and the more international certifications you achieve, the more likely that you will increase your chances of topping the list of prospective candidates for your very own career upgrade.

This is your chance to make your very own #SummerTimeSuccess.


That promotion you’re eyeing is not impossible to get.
Enrol for industry designed study programmes which will get all eyes on you.

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