The industry’s choice of worldwide recognised certifications for 2017.

Just weeks ago, ICE Malta’s Academic Team published international statistics to give individuals from all career paths the opportunity to master their learning plan for 2017. To date, hundreds of students have met our Admissions Team and confirmed which worldwide recognised study programme fits their career aspirations, identified the skills which will keep them at par with the world’s finest talent and have confirmed their pre-enrolment for industry designed courses which will position them as key talent in their respective field.

Now you can map out your journey and schedule monthly interest free tuition fees and benefit from 70% of your course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme by Malta Enterprise. Be it Creative, Code, Technical or Productivity, here are the worldwide recognised study programmes which are set to start in the first semester of the new year which will give you the edge you’re looking for.


Intuitive, beautiful, user-centered design is at the heart of the world’s biggest brands. Together with Adobe and Autodesk, ICE Malta study programmes give students the opportunity to achieve worldwide recognised certifications and gain the industry designed skills to position them as star candidates for career growth.

If you’ve got a creative eye, and a desire to turn your passion for design into a well paid career, these are the study programmes for you.


Employment in the Design Sector is expected to grow by another 10% in 2017.


According to Stack Overflow, the world’s community of more than 6.5 million programmers, coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries. The latest report from Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, confirms that programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average.

If coding is your thing, then 2017 is your year to learn from industry practitioners and take your career to new heights. Here are the study programmes for you.


91% of developers are employed on a full-time, part-time or freelance basis.


According to Glassdoor, eight of the top 25 jobs this year were tech positions. In 2020 the European labour market is projected to grow by more than 670,000 new jobs, however EU reports confirm that it could absorb another 756,000 ICT practitioners if only sufficient.

If you want to be in-demand and watch your career soar then worldwide recognised certification by Cisco, Microsoft and LPIC are the perfect match for you.


By 2020, there will be 750,000 new ICT career vacancies in Europe.


Across all industries, the absolute majority of careers across all industries will require some form of digital skills very soon. Digital has become the standard fundamental subject we all need no matter where we’re at in our career journey.

Activate the skills, gain the competencies which will guarantee that you’re on the right track.


By 2020, careers across all industries will be expected to require some form of digital skills.

Think you have what it takes?Pre-enrolment for these study programmes is now open.

Register your interest and we’ll get in touch!


A maximum of 16/18 students will be accepted for each class therefore early enrolment is recommended. Students may confirm their pre-enrolment online, get answers to all course related questions on the ICE Malta website. Alternatively prospective students may email or call 21467787 to set a one to one meeting to discuss their preferred study path in more detail.

Happy New Year from the ICE Malta Team.