Pre Enrolment for the October 2014 Semester now open

The ICE Malta Pre Enrolment campaign for the October 2014 semester kicked off this morning, 1st August 2014 with a Time Check Bay Radio campaign and will continue this weekend with a social media campaign and a number of marketing initiatives scheduled for August & September including the launch of Malta’s first Code & Creative Competition giving students the opportunity to win more than 60,000euros worth of scholarships.

‘The 2014/2015 academic year will include some of the world’s most prestigious ICT courses by educational partners Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, LPI, The Digital Marketing Institute amongst others, and has been designed to ensure that all study programmes offered are certifications the industry wants and will help students get employed and achieve their career aspirations. Pre Enrolment is essential as it gives prospective students the opportunity to be the first to enrol for their preferred study programmes and guarantee a place in class. Due to the institute’s small classroom philosophy, pre enrolment is highly recommended. All students are encouraged to pre enrol on and visit the institute to meet the ICE Malta Admissions team to design their personalised study path leading to their dream career’

It’s a simple equation – Study what you love +  funding = dream career.

Step 1  Tell us about your dream career. Fill in your details 

Here’s what’s happening next.

Step 2 – We’ll design a study path leading to your dream career

Step 3 – You’ll be invited to the institute to meet the team and learn more about our worldwide recognised study experience

Step 4 – You’ll enrol to become an ICE Malta student (and benefit from funding opportunities)

With dedication, determination and our ICE Malta Study Experience, you’ll develop your skills, achieve a worldwide recognised certification the industry needs and position yourself as a star candidate for an endless list of careers in code, technical, games & creative.

Together we can make this happen.

Where to start? Step 1.

See you at ICE Malta