ICE Malta recognized as ‘Informal Learning’ for secondary students

Secondary School students attending private, public and church schools in the Maltese islands, are encouraged to qualify to receive a certificate at Level 1 or Level 2 of the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and of the European Framework for Lifelong Learning. To successfully achieve this Secondary Education certification, students are given credit in the following five areas: Attendance, Formal Education, Informal Education, Non-Formal Education and Personal Qualities. Students attending courses at ICE Malta will be accredited for their  Informal Learningand given a signed and stamped form for their Informal Education by the institute only if they attend 80% of the course. 

To obtain certification, students are obliged to take part in either 2 or 3 informal activities/courses during their Secondary Cycle based on when they will be finishing Form 5 as follows:

  • Form 4 in September 2012 (secondary cycle ending in 2014)2 Informal Activities required
  • Form 3 in September 2012 (secondary cycle ending in 2015) – 3 Informal Activities required
  • Form 2 in September 2012 (secondary cycle ending in 2016) – 3 Informal Activities required
  • Form 1 in September 2012 (secondary cycle ending in 2017)3 Informal Activities required

More information may be viewed here – Informal Learning – full document while our admissions team will assist students and parents with their questions and give further information and guidance. Apart from forming part of their Informal Education students studying at ICE Malta will have the opportunity to receive worldwide recognized certifications from Microsoft, CISCO, Adobe, Autodesk amongst others – certifications which will are a major part of their career path. 

‘Precisely because we feel that this certification is necessary and highly important, we have launched the ICE Plus initiative giving Form 4 and Form 5 students the opportunity to attend any of their preferred technical or creative courses and receive a 50euro cash back. We look forward to welcoming many secondary students for their Informal Learning Education and will continue to strive to give a unique study experience’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained.

The Malta Qualifications Council

Set up in December 2005, the overall objective of the Malta Qualifications Council (MQC),  is to steer the development of the National Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning and to oversee the training and certification leading to qualifications within the Framework and which are not already provided for at compulsory education institutions or degree awarding bodies.

ICE Malta’s SLC Number – SLC11951